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What do I do if I did a UA yesterday and usually test every 2 weeks randomly but got assigned another UA today had 2 drinks last
DUI last July and one one year probation. I have complied with everything. Is it better to have a positive UA today or say I forgot to call and call my PO Monday as the place is closed Sunday. I cannot believe the one time I drink I get called in two days in a row. My neighbor doesn't know my story so she brought me a glass of wine....
huh/ are you serious? Ask your p.o. which is a better way to violate the terms of your probation. make sure she...
Will I get drug tested my final court date to get my charges dropped?
So, I had an Minor in possession charge of alcohol and marijuana. 2 days before those charges were dropped, I was caught with my pipe and weed and got arrested. It was my second offense for Marijuana. I was put on Diversion. Long story short, I've been clean for 8 months (since the day I was arrested) and I passed every UA they gave me. My termination date from Diversion is in 3 days and I have court sometime in the future to get these charges dropped. Will I get drug tested the day of my final court date from the judge?
Typically, you will not get drug tested on your final day as your obligations are over, but you can always ask you...
Can I get a CDL in Colorado with two duis before 2005?
One received in 1989 and one in 2001.
It depends on the facts and circumstances of your convictions. If they were in the commercial vehicle, you will likely...
My ex and i got in an accident, he drove with no license so i covered. What should i do?
My now ex fiance and I got in an accident and the other driver has already been found at fault. But my ex was driving and had no license and when the officer asked who was driving he said I was. I was still in shock and went with it. Now i have to go to court and prove i had insurance at the time, but we did not. What should I do? Should I tell the DA the truth? What consequences should I expect for lieing?
Your question is posting under the DUI practice area. Unless your previous statement was under oath, you have not...
I live in Colorado I got a dui. I failed a ua for pretrial supervision for alcohol. Now there is a warrant will I go to jail?
I was released on a pr bond passed my first ua at intake an failed my last ua they said it had alcohol in it. There is a active warrant due to the positive ua I'm going to ask to be put on the docket for court Monday am I facing jail time or will they allow me another chance
Unless there's a lot more to the story, probably not. You should certainly be prepared for an intensification of the...
I have my license reinstated, Can I drive a vehicle after receiving a proof of service?
I got pulled over 3 weeks ago driving without proof of insurance, he revoked my license. I brought proof of insurance to the dmv within 7 days so I thought I was legally allowed to drive. About 5 days ago I got pulled over again for speeding and the officer told me my license was still suspended. He gave me a proof of service stating it is unlawful for me to drive. I then went to the dmv to reinstate my license and succeeded. Can I drive right now or do I have to wait until my court date?
If DMV reinstated your license, you should be good to go. Keep a copy of the reinstatement papers with you in case you...
RMOMS and False Positive UA's for Probation-HELP!
I am on probation for falsely reporting a crime to a police officer. I have been in recovery from an addiction to opiates following approximately 20 years of extremely severe orthopedic surgeries. I have been in a dedicated recovery for nearly 9 months with complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs. I have recently been extremely ill requiring hospitalization and a three week course of antibiotic infusion therapy. Needless to say the drugs were very potent and harsh with continuing side effects. I have been testing weekly with several random false positives. I use an adhesive topical anesthetic for chronic orthopedic pain which is over the counter. I also electronically vape instead of smoking. What could I be using that is causing random false positives? And is RMOMS reliable? How can I fight these totally false test results? My recovery is truly abstinent and I don't want this tarnishing it.
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