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I went to a bar in Franklin NJ and I got way to drunk, I then continued to drive home uninsured and I got into an acident.
I will be getting into trouble for driving while under the influence and without insurance and crashing. What will happen to me and what amount of money will I be paying?
You'll want a criminal lawyer to resolve the DUI, perhaps ARD
Can an inmate who is already incarcerated be released at a pre indictment hearing?
Long story short, my SO is in jail and was charged with simple assault, DWI, violating a restraining order, criminal mischief and burglary. I am already aware of the deal the prosecution is offering. But, if I request leniency (he has no prior criminal record) would he get released from jail if they consider by request? I should add he has not been sentenced for two other DWI and driving with a suspended license charges. So in total he has three DWI that occurred this year. He has not been sentenced yet for any of the DWI.
More information is needed, including: What is his criminal history? Why is he in jail? Is he a US citizen? A...
Will I need an interlock device?
I have two dui convictions.. I have not had a valid DL for well over ten years, and have not had a dui since 2006, the first was in 2004...the mvc said there is nothing in their system about me needing a interlock.... do I need one?
Most likely you were not ordered to place an interlock on your vehicle. The law that mandates this was not in effect in...
Third DWI in less than a year and second driving with a suspended license penalties?
My soon to be ex spouse was in an accident with his fathers car yesterday. He totaled the car and was arrested for dwi, careless driving, failure to keep right, driving with a suspended license, and open container. This is his third DWI since September 2015. What are the penalties for this many DWI in under a year? I already know he is going to jail for the last on from February. Thank you for your answers.
He faces 6 months for the third DWI and 18 months for driving on the DWI revoked list, which is an indictable criminal...
What kind of ramifications will come from a third dwi charge within five years?
My husband was arrested on Monday for a third dwi plus issued six other tickets one including driving with a suspended license. The first dwi was in August 2013 and the second was September 2015. He hasn't completed all the requirements from the second dwi. What are his chances he will avoid jail time? He also refused a breath test and refused all field sobriety tests on Monday.
If convicted of a 3rd DWI with 10 years of the second DWI, he will lose his license for 10 years, will be sentenced to...
Is it possible to get a reduction on the term of an interlock device?
I got a second offense dui in December of 2012. Ive had my license back since March of 2015, after 2 years without it, needless to say I learned my lesson. I received the max term on the ignition interlock, no thanks to the useless public defender I had. I have had my license back over a year now with my only lockout being from a failed rolling retest because I left the vehicle running. I started a new career where I'll need to get a second vehicle and I honestly can't afford to pay for the device in more than one vehicle.
It is unlikely that at this time you would be able to reduce the time of the interlock. The best time to have made the...
Can I Sue the Drunk Driver, if I wasn't hurt?
I was driving the other night, and a drunk driver came in my lane. We would have had a head on collision, but I swerved off the road. Still, the driver side of my car is smahed in and my car is totaled. My friend and I miraculously weren't hurt. But I'm wondering if I can still sue this person? He almost killed us and has no regard for human life. I'm actually terrified to get back behind the wheel . Would I be able to get a lawyer, who doesn't charge me, but takes a percentage of the settlement? Thank you for your advice.
This is a personal injury question. You are not permitted to sue for being "in the zone of danger" without personal...