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Was arrested for second offence DWI. Spent 48 days in jail. Still have community service, AA meetings and fines to pay.
Is this justice? I don't think? I should of went to jail. What would be your best advice? Thanks, for your time, Carl.
Carl The probation provisions for DUI are set by the state legislature which is under a great deal of pressure from...
Should I hire a lawyer....or just do some crazy homework on DUI cases and represent myslef
I was driving and my little dog jumped in the truck and hit my driving arm, in turn made me swerve and take out a brick mailbox..I was stunned and shaken up when the cops got there it started to rain and the officer wanted me to take a ride to the hospital in the ambulance and I he took me to the station and said I was charged with dui....I knew I was clean and I don't drink or do drugs in the report it says I was slurring and swaying...I told the officer I was shaken up because of the wreck and I did all tests breath, blood,urine and field sobriety he said I did poorly on the sobriety test..then blew .000 on breath and now waiting on toxicology I know I am clean could this case just get thrown out due to lack of evidence in the toxicology report
I would never recommend for anyone to go to court without a lawyer. Your situation looks pretty good but court is like...
How do I go about taking care of this dwi fta?
I got a dwi in Louisiana 13 yrs ago and have a fta. I was in the military at the time and moved shortly after. Thinking it would go away, I did nothing about it. now I'm older and ready to take care of this.
Find a criminal defense attorney that practices where you were arrested. Some states purge old warrants that haven't...
What happene's with a 2nd dwi
I went to a bar and when I pulled out I got pulled over. For turning at a red light. And got a dwi. I am 23. And I got a dwi when I was 19 so this is my 2nd dwi
A second offense is a misdemeanor that carries a mandatory 48 hours in jail and can carry up to six months in jail—2nd...
What are our options for underage possession of alcohol?
My 14 year old son was walking on a parade route and was found to be in position of alcohol. Him and a friend were both detained and we were able to pick them up from a command center as long as we agreed to go to court. Our boys are good kids with no previous record and have good grades. The commander at the scene said they will probably get charged and have to do community service. When we go in front of judge is there anything we can do to prevent them from getting a record? Get off with a warning? We are giving him grave punishments at the house and he is regretting this ever happened. They did not do a breathalyzer and they said they had not drank any of it. We did not smell anything on him either.
Contact an attorney to see if the circumstances surrounding the arrest can be mitigated.
Do Louisiana traffic laws state that it has to be marked? And if it does, would my subsequent charges be dropped?
I was pulled over for going the wrong way down a one way. I was then taken into custody for suspected DWI and subsequently tried for reckless driving and driving without a license (mine is not suspended, it got stolen). I noticed that the one way street I pulled onto was completely unmarked.
If you already went to trial, the lack of a one-way sign should have been presented at that time. However, defeating...
Is this some type of misconduct?
I received a 3rd dwi in metairie in may of 2011 and now I'm going for my final status update on jan 25th. The cop that arrested me quit the force and moved to another state. It took them 4 yrs to get him here to testify for motions. They have no clue where any video tape is and disregarded my testimony about being threatened by another cop that "If you don't blow, we going to strap you down and take your blood". So I was forced to blow. The judge is allowing my results. Here is the catcher. The judge asked the prosecutor some questions about a court date and he lied to the judge about the cop cooperating to come to court. This is by far the complete opposite. They had to threaten him with an attachment if he doesn't show. This was all said on record. This makes me question the tape. Where is it? Is that cop on there threatening me so they are hiding evidence?
The first part of your question deals with continuances and delays to trial. Unfortunately, unless you objected to any...