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What is the worst jail time for a 2nd offense DUI within 2 yr?
I was pulled over and arrested for 2nd DUI. they found several prescribed drugs in my system and Meth, which I didn't do. I admit I shouldn't have been driving as I was upset. I am a grandmother that helps take care of my grandkids. I would like to plea down but don't feel I have an option. My court date is Wednesday.
The mandatory jail time on a second in time low tier DUI/OVI is 10 days. The mandatory jail time on a second in time...
Can can I own a firearm with a DUI felony?
Can I own a firearm with a third offense DUI felony
If you were subject to more than a year in prison (not what you served, but what you could have served), then federal...
Can I beat a dui first offense if I refused blood work but took breathalyzer and it didn't work?
Was asleep for 10 mins and got woke up in my car and passed all field sobriety tests except the pen test. I refused blood test due to fear of needles so I submitted to a breath test and the machine wouldn't work and was still incarcerated. Can I beat this?
It's unclear when you say the machine didn't work if it refused to provide a result, or just a result that was wildly...
Do I have to provide I.d. during dui checkpoints in Kentucky?
If going thru a Dui checkpoint in Ky, are you required to show I.d. If no crime has been committed or there is no reasonable suspicion of a crime?
The officer can ask for your driver's license when you are going through a checkpoint.
II drppped dirty due to medicstions im on?
I gave every prescribtion to my probation officer prior to drug test. She wrote them down. And all the false positives thst could occur. It came bsck positive for a number of differemt drugs. Im not dirty. Im not using drugs. So she sent me hine and said ill call you in a week or two. Someone please help. I need to know whst i should do. Thsnk you so much. I need any and all advice. Im sick over this
Help with what there appears to be no problem................................................
Punishment for driving on a suspended license due to DUI's, traffic violations?
A friend was pulled over three times (in two different counties in KY) and arrested for open container and RX in a bottle not labeled properly. He had cleared the hurdles of the DUI charges but due to the ticket and RX they revoked his hardship license - which he needs to run his own business. The next day (after the hardship was revoked) he was pulled over for a traffic violation and ticketed for suspended license. Hours later he was in an accident and ticketed again for the suspended license. What is he facing in Jefferson County, Louisville KY for these violations? Jail time, fines, extended probation, loss of driver's license, etc? Thanks for your input!!
There is a potential for all of the above. He needs to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent him. There is no...
How long do i have to wait for a blood test after a dui
I flipped my van in pendleton ky i was the only one in the wreck ,I blew 0.08 they say my blood is pending ? . I remember notting i had open container i was fully insured it"s my first off , i dont remember any blood been taken i have no needle marks ? i dont know whats going on . What am i looking at
It sounds like you aren't sure whether they drew blood