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I lost my license twice for failure to prove insurance, but they were both in the same month. I need to be able to get back and forth to work and also I have two children that I have custody of that I need to get from place to place what can I do
You can petition your Circuit court for a Hardship License if you qualify. Consider getting a copy of your BMV Driver...
I completed everything back then an I have moved on with my life and have a great life with my children and wife. I would like to not have a felony charge following me around. Can that be reduced to a mistimeaner
Most likely the level of the charge cannot be modified after the fact, even after all of these years, but there may be...
i tried to be honest with my po by telling him i drank, realized my mistake and said it was a month ago. he tested me anyways. i drank water from 4pm yesterday to 3am this morning. had to take the test 3 times as they said the first 2 were diluted. i didnt know anything about etg tests before yesterday my last drink was 12 am tuesday. i work 2 days and care for my 10 yr old daughter,
It's not really clear what you're asking, but my guess is that you're concerned about what could happen. My advice is...
Daughter was just charged for 3rd DUI while on probation for 2nd ( tested 1 . 4 in the morning after drinking the previous night . ) All three dui's have been within 3 . 5 years ( 2 before 21 years ) . The last two involved accidents , no one was involved , only her and the vehicle . Had been in terms with probation for 7 months for the 2nd . She also has a juvenile record for drinking . Her attorney is saying she should plea for 1 year on prob violation and 1 year for 3rd DUI , and serve 1 / 2 or 1 year . She is a deans list junior in the HIA program @ IUPUI , but that didn't get her out on bond . Why can't she get 6 mo or less w / house arrest , recovery court or work release ? We supposedly have a decent attorney for Jo . Cy . He is trying to avoid the habitual offender , but better options than jail ?
Please don't take offense at this answer but your post indicates that your daughter after having a juvenile record for...
I guess the procuestor wants to go back like 15 years for a repeat offender if plea isn't accepted. Public defender suggested getting bail posted and hiring a lawyer to get a better deal otherwise it's plea or trial for a worse sentence
Yes, it is legal. The main purpose of a plea is to obtain a compromise. If you go to trial, you face the possibility...
Its already been suspended for 2 years with 3 years to go. Its in indianapolis, in.
Use the AVVO lawyer search bar to get an attorney in your area to assist.
1 yr probation, 180 home detention
You can certainly try, the only thing they can say is No....Contact your probation officer they are your best chance,...