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I was arrested for OUI 1st in Framingham, MA.
If I am convicted and placed on probation, will I be able keep working with my company which is out of state. Someone said they could make you subject to random testing. I only come home on weekends. I'm scared to lose my job.
First of all, you need to focus on NOT getting convicted. There are a lot of possible defense strategies, and taking a...
I currently am required to take random screenings for alcohol. I have no criminal record but have a pending OUI 1 st.
My job wants me to take a 2 day class. Would a P.O. ever grant you that time from screens? I could lose my job.
They want you to take a class out of state? That requires a grant from your p.o. who would likely schedule you for a...
Will I get sent to jail for missing an OUI 1st random court ordered screening? I have been taking them for 6 months passing all.
I took a job in Vermont and told the probation officer that I needed to please be called the day before for a screen because I have a 4 HR ride to court house. He said he would work with me. I am not on probation but subject to the screens. I missed a call for a screen and have been so upset. My OUI trial is in 2 months. What can I do. Thank you
You are, effectively, on probation--the screens are part of your pre-trial bail conditions, so it is a violation of...
I have 3, 6 year old warrants for my arrest 2 for driving with a suspended license I'm not sure what to do.
It happened when I got pulled over when I was 21 and got a ticket I forgot to pay it and before I know it it was suspended. I'm 26 now and I really want to get this all taken care of. That's the only thing I've gotten in trouble with. I am married now and have a daughter and jut want to do the right thing. Can I go to prison though?
Too many variables for anyone to give you an answer with just that info You need to speak with an attorney.
BT refusal suspension
2 years ago I was arrested for OUI second offense. I went to trial and was found not guilty. My license was suspended 3 years for BT refusal. While i was released on personal recog I failed a random BT. The judge did not order my license back after found not guilty. Is there anyway I can get my license back sooner?
Board of appeals actually sits in marlboro on Fridays They can alter basically any RMV suspension
Alcohol assessment/treatment
Hi, I was convicted of a DWI and as part of the penalty, I have to complete an alcohol assessment and treatment/reading program. I no longer live in the state in which I was convicted. How can I search for accredited places in which I can complete this alcohol assessment in MA? How much should I expect to pay total? Thank you so much
You should call your local court and talk to someone in the probation department. They should be able to give you a...
Can you give info for out of state dui after completing California sb38 program?
In 1976 I got a 1st dui from in Mass. I moved to California years later & got a dui in the "80's. I followed all mandated laws under S.B. 38 and completed the course to retain my Calif. license. I got another Mass. dui very recently. But have not gone to court yet on that charge.Will this count as 3 offenses in Mass. or Two?
It may and speak with your lawyer Sent from my Droid Charge -