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How will my court hearing go if I was not booked for DUI?
I got pulled over for going 47 in a 35 going through airway heights. The officer did the basic procedures then asked me to step out of the vehicle and we began FSTs. When finished I took a breathalyzer test and blew a 1.05 to which I was apprehended and placed in the vehicle. Went back to the station where he asked me some more questions and also administered 2 more breath samples with the Alcotest 9510 which I blew .079 and .077. At the end of it all all he said was he was going to give me a speeding ticket and a court hearing for my DUI. I was not booked, no finger prints, no picture.
Most defendants are charged, tried, and perhaps convicted without having been previously booked. You should be...
Will WA extradite me if I live in another state for a misdemeanor dui?
I can't make the court date since i'm unemployed.
Washington State has adopted the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act.
I received a dui in WA. On the police paperwork they listed me as white. I'm not white.
Can a dui be dropped due to having the wrong race on the paperwork?
Unless identity is an issue in your case it is unlikely it would be dismissed.
I received a dui in WA but I live in another state and will be moving out of the country for work before my next court date.
What are my options for dealing with this? Is there a way to resolve it before I leave? I took a blood test and was told by public defender that it would be weeks before they would have results.
All court dates are mandatory unless you are excused in advance. It is unlikely that this case will resolve without you...
DUI charge in WA state. Is it possible to start a plea agreement before my arraignment in a few weeks?
I was pulled over for speeding and ended up being charged with DUI after blowing a 0.91 in the field. I thought I did fine on the field tests, but was still asked to give breath test and didn't refuse. However, I was a .075 at the station. I spent 8 hours in jail, given pre-trial release conditions, and was charged (a few days ago). I will be arraigned in about 3 weeks. I am seeking legal counsel, but I was wondering if its possible to start negotiating a plea deal before the arraignment. First time offender w/ no priors, hoping to get a reckless or negligent driving. I just want to wrap it up as fast as I can so I can get on with things.
Negotiations can happen prior to your arrangement. To pursue this it would require you to seek out representation...
I received a dui in WA. I do not live in WA and can't make the court date. If a warrant is issued will WA extradite me ?
I live in AZ
I have handled these type of matters a lot, a person is here for a short period of time, gets a DUI and then lives in...
How long does it take to get blood draw results back?
I'm hoping to have the blood retested.
Depends on the lab and jurisdiction. Could be a month up to a year depending on the back log. Your attorney will know...