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DMV returned my revocation package, requesting an "Admin per se/implied consent?"
A week and a half ago, I sent in my revocation package to get my license reinstated after my 2nd DUI. However, the DMV sent it back to me, requesting that I electronically send in an Admin per se/implied consent. I called the DMV and they said that it was required screening, which I thought I did when I was evaluated for this package. The court papers say "time served instead of treatment." Screening and treatment were not required by the court as part of my sentencing. In my case, what exactly does the DMV mean/want?
Did you have an attorney? If so, contact them for assistance.
I was arrested for an extreme DUI?
I kept asking for a lawyer as they mirandized me but they refused and they then took my blood as I asked " can I have a lawyer please?". I've contacted several local attorneys and I'm waiting to hear back, then they searched my pocket book and discovered ativan which I have a RX for and the cop said " she is legal and there is enough in here that she's not abusing so we can't charge her" .I never gave them authorization to search my posessions...... When I asked for a lawyer they said I didn't need one then wanted to know how much I'd drank, when etc ... is this a violation of my rights?
Not necessarily The Fifth Amendment right to counsel attaches after a prolonged detention or when questions are asked...
I recently received DUI charges after taking prescription medication. How can I fight this DUI charge?
My doctors have been changing my meds around for several months and during that time I received a DUI due to prescription medications. My doctors had not informed me that I should not drive, and the medications did not contain a warning about not driving either. In my opinion, this should be a medical issue and not a legal issue. What are the possible defenses I should consider to dismiss this DUI charge.
By hiring a skilled, experienced, Arizona-licensed DUI attorney to represent you. You are not going to get this "...
If i get a dui for marijuana will i have to get the interlock device on my car?
I got pulled over and they took a blood sample. i have marijuana in my system but i was not impaired at the time. will i get a dui? and if so, will i have to get the interlock device on my car?
If the blood test shows the presence of active THC, then you will almost certainly be charged with a DUI. If you only...
My gun rights application was denied from Class 4 felony DUI and I do not know why?
I was convicted of a Class 4 felony DUI in 2007 and completed all the terms of my probation, paid fines and completed my incarceration sentence. I applied for my gun rights to be restored in 2015 and was denied. I do not have any violent offenses on my records. Can any one tell me why my gun rights would be denied? I would like to appeal the ruling if possible.
Take your paperwork to an attorney to review. There might be steps that you needed to follow that you did not do. On...
My friend got a DUI and got his driving license suspended can I drive his car without affecting my driving record ?
What do I need to do to drive his car with regards to paying insurance and registration in such a way that does not affect my insurance rates / driving record ?
Sure you can drive his car provided you have a valid license and the vehicle is registered and insured. Knock yourself out.
Been OVER 3yrs since my DUI & still NO trial. been flying in from CA 8 x's now! Finally got a trial date & appeared but DA cont!
was charged with DUI in AZ, a year later, the charges were dismissed so I moved out of state to Ca, 12 days later, they brought the charges back up & i have been flying back to AZ for court ever since! I paid an atty a retainer of $3,000, he made one court appearance and filed a motion to withdrawal which was denied, & the judge req'd my presence at that hearing, 3 mo later he filed again & this time i wasnt even notified & judge granted it! i was left w out counsel, so i got a legal def & she's totally on the states side helping the DA to convict me! she's no help to me at all! my calls, texts & emails are ignored! i flew in for my trial & when she & the DA saw the peer sci journals i brought in as my defense they cont my trial for another 3mo! i cant afford another plane ticket to AZ!
I'm sorry to hear about this situation, but there does not appear to be a question here that we can help you with....