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Does an officer have to test a syringe before he places someone under arrest for pocs?
I was arrested with a syringe with liquid in it and the officer assumed it was meth. Doesn't he have to test t first bc he has no idea what It is. I also got charged with parapanalia! What can I do?
No, the police officer does not have to test the syringe before placing you under arrest. Instead, the police officer...
Failed two drug tests, while on pretrial probation, for DWI. First test failed alcohol test, second methamphiramine.
Failed drug tests while on pretrial.
I don't see a question in your post. I presume you are curious as to what will probably happen. It goes something...
Do drug test have to be taken if not court ordered buy cps is case is not about drugs
My daughter in law has a mental problem that's why case was open
It depends on who is asking that the test be taken and why but generally a court order is required (even if it is...
My husband is on parole from Texas for dwi 2but transferred it to Oklahoma, got a dwi in arkansas what is he looking at
He has 5 years left on parole and has not been in ant trouble
In Arkansas, DWI 4th is a felony. They count them by adding up the DWIs one got in the last five years. You cannot...
Can A man be charged with dui if he is parked on side of road when he goes to get on bike..lose gravel makes it slip into ditch
friend went to visit friend that was building a new house,not wanting to get nails in bike tires,parks on side of gravel road,gets ready to go stands bike up and it slips in the loose gravel into a narrow ditch...after several tries to get bike back on road...calls a friend to come help him,while waiting for friend someone calls law...they take him in with no breath test...he has diabetes and both legs and feet are not very stable can anyone help..thank you
There are a number of defenses here that should be explored by a criminal defense attorney. You need to go over the...
What happens If I fail a Arkansas probation drug test for THC
I'm on arkansas adjudicated probation. I've been on it for 2 1/2 years of 5. I've past the past 3 test. Recently I tested and I know im going to fail. I don't know what to do. Will they give me classes or what will happen?
There are too many variables to allow a prediction with any certainty, without knowing all the relevant information,...
Can I travel abroad after being arrested for a DWI as a green card holder?
I'm a green card holder. I got arrested for a DWI two days ago and my court date is in two weeks. I was planning to travel to my home country (Mexico) for a few days (before court date) but I would like to know if I will have any problems getting back into the US. I filled the petition to remove conditions but I still dont have my 10 year greencard only the receipt and the extension letter. I do have an I-551 stamp on my passport valid through Feb. 21st. There was no accident and nobody hurt on the dwi charges.
The case is still pending, there has been no conviction yet. You will be readmitted. Make sure to have on you the...