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Would it be possible for me to get the record on my Driving history expunged?
I was arrested for DUI in California in July 2012 with BAC of 0.083% and 0.088%. The administrative hearing held by DMV upheld my suspension but the DA's office never filed the charges in court. DA's office has also provided me with a letter that they won't be filing charges. However, I see that the DUI record on DMV is impacting my Insurance payments.
You can not expunge a DMV result, only a criminal conviction. There are many insurance companies that cater to drives...
Would I face any problem with DUI.
I had a DUI in California in November 2012. I did everything that I am supposed to do and got the case expunged. This is the only DUI I have ever had and I have not been drinking since then. I am on H1 Visa. Would there be any problem with the latest immigration reform?
This is an immigration law questions. I am moving this to immigration.
Penalty for 3rd dui with accident .2bac?
Got this new dui in San Mateo county in CA. Crashed into another vehicle no injuries. Been convicted of 3rd dui before but first is now 15 years old. 2nd in 2008 and 3rd in 2011. Last time received 120 days sentence 30 custody with 90 house arrest. How much time am i looking at with this new one and what can i do to have a better chance at a reduced sentence?
The minimum is 120 days if you have probation, with the 18 month DUI class and 3 years license suspension. However,...
What can I do if I keep getting denied for 6 month suspension after 2 years?
I was arrested for DUI. It was later dropped down to a wet and reckless. I was supposed to be suspended for 6 months. I did everything that was ordered of me and every time I try to apply to reinstate my license for the past 2 years the dmv has denied me. What am I to do to get my license back.
You need to go and apply and pay for a DMV printout. It will say why your license is still suspended. It should only...
DUI-Notice of Probation Violation? I am out of state where notice was sent. Can someone show up for me and show them the docs?
I am out of state. I got this notice saying that Notice of Probation Violation that I must show up for court on Thursday 11/2/2017. But I cant since I am out of state. I have contacted the program and asked if they could please email me the certificate ASAP. But have all emails and stuff from them. Is there a way for someone to show up for me and give the court this information. The program is done. This was the Notice: You were admitted to probation in the above matter and ordered to comply with certain condition, namely to; PROVIDE PROOF OF COMPLETION OF THE FIRST OFFENDERS PROGRAM. According to our records, you have not fulfilled this condition. You are hereby directed to appear in the above indicated court on 11/2/2017 @ 8:30am in Department Arrangement, to show why your probation should not be revoked for failure to PROVIDE PROOF OF COMPLETION OF THE FIRST OFFENDERS PROGRAM as ordered by the Court. If you fail to appear at that time, the Court will conclude that you have no legal excuse to offer for failure to fulfill the conditions of your probation and, accordingly, your probation will be revoked and the Court will issue a warrant for
I am in San Mateo county. If you would like to discuss this feel free to email me via AVVO.
What is a wet reckless charge?
pleaded a wet reckless charge. How do I get a restricted license and how many weeks of class?
You should discuss this with your lawyer. A "wet" reckless usually won't result in a suspended license unless it is...
Is a DUI defense attorney supposed to mention insurance in court?
We hired an attorney to represent our 19 year old son in a DUI case. The victim had claimed over $15,000.00 in auto damages in Aug. 2016 (it was parked at night, no medical issues) but we had full auto coverage to pay all expenses. The lawyer didn't mention to the court (in Jan. 2017) that insurance would pay; and so my son walked out with over $15,000 restitution ordered plus an additional 2625.00 in fees. The victims insurance had paid the victim fully 4 months prior. The police nor the DA's office would give us any of the victims information and it was only after the court judgement that our lawyer would give it to us to give to our insurance company. I had to go to court twice to prove it was paid but I don't think the restitution judgement or the 15% added fees should even be on the books since the victim was not out one dime. Did the lawyer do his due diligence? How do I get this removed from the record?
If your insurance pays the judgement then they will obtain a document called Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of...