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Can I get my ten yr suspension dropped early ?
I have 3 dwi's within 10 yrs last one in 2009 can't get license till 2020 I have no one to drive me anywhere can I get any type of driving privilege before then . My mom is sick and cant drive I have a daughter but shes only 13. Can she get hers early? I am a habitual traffic violator because of these dwi.
Under current law, you can petition for probationary driving privileges after five years of your HTV suspension has...
Can I get my OWI charge expunged since it was over a year ago?
OWI charge at 2 am. Worked all night, so tired I couldn't even stand, wasn't under any influence but had smoked a week or two before.
In my state there is no expungment except when a person was actually innocent. A conviction voids the opportunity of...
I need a facility in Indiana that does evaluation for Dui. I have already gone through 18 months of treatment and AA.
My last dui was 12 years ago and i am just now trying to get my license back. I have passed all the requirments in Indiana but Illinois wants an evaluation. (That is where i got my DUI's Can someone please tell me where i could go for this? Every where i have called is a treatment center. I was elidgble in Illinois for my license in 2004 but never tried until now.
If your last DUI was 12 years ago, there is a way to skip the evaluation. Contact my office for details.
Arrested for dui while on dr prescribed drugs
took my everyday drugs i take for my migraines.took a ambian feel asleep woke up 2 hrs later.felt fine drove to store.clerk called in said i was drunk.blood test came up with drugs in my system.I have prescription for the xanax and ambian.what should i do went to jail over a blood test.Only part of field test i failed was walking in straight nervous from three officers around me think it made it harder for me to do anything.First time ever been arrested.
Unfortunately the fact that the drugs were prescribed by a doctor does not mean that you cannot be prosecuted for OWI....
Im on probation for a dui. I stole something from sister in law and shes pressing charges
Ive been on probation since aug. 09 and will be off in oct. 2010. I recently stole a ring and necklace from my sister in law and pawned it and she is pressing charges. At the time i was on a few different kinds of medication(although not an excuse)and didnt really realise what i was doing. I spent 7 hrs. in Hancock county jail and really dont wanna go back to jail. Can you give my some advice on what i should do? Also what punishment can i expect? Is there anyway to avoid jail time?
Jail time is much more likely as a second offender when serving probation. Hire a lawyer. DO NOT POST ANYTHING...
I have a 10 year suspension dui on my drivers license. There is a new law where I can get it back, but not with a b.a.c. refusal
I did not refuse. I have the police report. In one paragraph in states my blood alcohol level and in the very next it states that I refused. This doesn't make sense. I have gone 4 1/2 years on my 10 year suspension and I no longer drink.
Do you have a question? You can ways seek a specialized driving privilege to get you mobile
I have a DUI 21 years ago and one 12 years ago can I get these expunged. Judged misdemeanors and all request fulfilled
No damage was done, no one hurt one read BAC.08 the other I believe was a 1.01
Expungement is a procedure governed by state law. I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed,...