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Recently arrested for dui. Do I need to tell employer if I work at a preschool?
Is this something that California community care licensing will find out and inform my employer of or can I wait until I am actually convicted?
Ordinarily the licensing agency receives automatic notification at the time of the fingerprint match at booking. The...
If I got an under 21 dui and have stayed out of trouble, is there any way I can get my probation dropped or lowered?
I got my dui Halloween night last year, I am paying my fines off, took the required HART classes and on November 30th I get my license back after a full year w/o one. I'm an Early Childhood Education major and just got my Certificate of Achievement which means I can hold an assistant teacher position in a pre school but being on probation a licensed facility won't hire me! Please help!
You can have an attorney file a motion with the court to terminate probation early and to "expunge" the conviction. The...
I was arrested for DUI marijuana, the officer never read me my rights.
Don't you have to be read your miranda rights for the arrest to be valid?
NO. In general, the Miranda rights have to be given before they conduct custodial questioning. If they ask you...
Is it possible to obtain a drivers license in another state, even though I have lost my license in California?
About three years ago I received a DUI in Northern California. I have paid all of my fines but I work all over the country and I am never in one state for very long, so I would not be able to stay in one city in California to be able to complete my classes to obtain my license back unless I take an entire year off of work. If i get my license back I stand to make more money from my profession. Is there anyway I can complete the classes on the road? Can I apply for a license in a different state without completing the classes?
I am going to repost you inquiry to another topic area so that you may getmore specific and helpful answers. As I am...
Arrested for a DUI and blew an exact .08 upon arrest.
I got arrested for a DUI and blew an exact .08 upon arrest on a hand held breathalyzer. I was later given a blood test about 2 hours later. Is there any way the results of blood test could help me if so how? Also, I was pulled over right as I got home not sure if that matters. I have no priors and no criminal history, how does my case look?
Depending on the reason law enforcement got involved with you, your performance on field tests and the drinking pattern,...
Is an SR22 insurance still needed after a case is dismissed in California?
Husband was arrested for a dui, and refused to take the test because he felt he was being harrassed and treated unfairly. His case was dismissed after several months. We did get SR22 for him, before is was dismissed so he could get his license again. Now purchasing new insurance and not sure if SR22 is still needed.
If his case was dismissed he likely had a lawyer, that lawyer should know the answer to this question as there are some...
Can you have 2 separate ins accounts on same vehicle in ca got a dui in idaho
i got a dui in idaho 2015 need ins in march 2017 can i have 2 vehicle ins companies soo cal is not affected
Good question. I would ask the potential second insurance company about this, insofar as this raises issues of which...