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Will I have a chance of being found not guilty?
I was arrested 2 months ago for physical control/ DUI. This was my 3rd in 7 years. I did not know that my drivers license was suspended. I have not been charged, I did not recall at all, seeing anything that said i would be suspended. I did not receive any paper, nor was I told. I am very worried. I would appreciate advice. I was arrested for the suspension about 3 weeks ago, I am awaiting to go over options. I am feeling real discouraged. Sincerely, Lynn.
Hi Lynn, there is always the chance of being found not guilty. Even more to the point in your case, you may have the...
In North Dakota, how do people arrested for DUI typically go about contacting an attorney for testing advice?
What phone books are provided to them? are there specific books with just attorneys given to the driver? or is it a generic yellow pages/white pages?
You can start your search here on AVVO in the Find a Lawyer section. You can also use Google or contact the local bar...
Will I have prior convictions brought up in a jury trial? I have had two DUI s' in 7 years.
A month ago I was at a convenience store, My friend had driven me there from the bar, we had gotten into an argument, he made advances to me. I was walking, he picked me up. He turned off the car, was going into the store as well. However, the attendants did not allow customers to go in, they had a technician working on the ATM. My friend tried to start the car, it would not start. My battery was bad. He knew I was mad at him, and he left me. I sat back in my car, keys were in the ignition. The officer knew I had been drinking, ran a breathalizer test, my B A C was high. I was just sitting in the car, it was cold. I did not want to drive, the car did not start for my friend. I was trying to figure out what to do. Right now, my Attorney is going to request a jury trial for me at the Pre trial on February 1st. Will the Prosecutor, and can he bring up my priors? I am very distraught, upset, scared. Thank you, please your advice? Sincerely, Lynn.
It is very unlikely that your prior convictions will be brought up at trial. Under Rule 404 of the ND Rules of Evidence,...
How do I know if I will be charged with a DUI or not?
I was pulled over last night, but not arrested. I participated in the field sobriety tests and completed them without issue, but blew a .101. The officer said that he did not have enough to arrest me and let me get a cab home, and that is all of the information I have. I am not sure if just because they could not arrest me means that they will not be able to charge me. Is it possible for me to still receive a charge?
Yes. If the prosecutor brings a charge you would receive a summons and complaint at a later date. If you are charged...
Do I have a chance with being proved not guilty?
I had wrote already, but I did not seem to receive a reply yet. I was arrested December 1st, 2016. I had went out with a friend, I drank, and ended up walking out of the bar and around outside. My friend had made advances on me, this upset me. I walked, he picked me up in my car, and took me to convenience store. He turned off the car, was going to go in, however they were not letting people come in. They had a technician in the store. My friend left after car would not start up, bad battery, and he knew I was still upset. An officer received a call with me walking, stumbling. He saw me at store, after my friend left, I had sat down in my car, keys in ignition. I was trying to figure out what to do, he knew I had been drinking, ran a breathalizer ,was high. I am also upset because I had had 3 drinks, B A C was .26). I have a court appointed lawyer, he want s to have jury trial. I unfortunately have 2 prior D U I s' scared, need advice please. My friend is out of state now, but will testify. I have read that prosecutors do not suppose to bring up prior charges, Is that true? I really would appreciate advice, Thank you, and Sincerely, Lynn.
It is very unlikely that your prior convictions will be brought up at trial. Under Rule 404 of the ND Rules of Evidence,...
Should I have lost my license?
I was arrested for a DUI. Before the charges were filed as a DUI in court it was dropped down to a reckless driving. Instead of it being filed with the court as a DUI it was filed as a reckless driving. At the administrative hearing for my license they decided to suspend it. Can they do that?
yes they can and did . best to ask your lawyer why and how? You did have a lawyer right?
Will I be judged not guilty?
I was arrested for a suspended license, I received no letters, and was not told. I did not know. I was arrested over a month ago for physical control/DUI. I have not gone to court yet, and have not been charged. I did not believe that I was suspended. I appreciate your advice. Sincerely, Lynn.
Your DUI arrest would have triggered an administrative suspension of your driver's license. The administrative...