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Is a drug test result public record for my ex and family who is an attorney aloud to hand it out in the public a flyer?
Getting a divorce, and was court order to take a hair drug test and failed, for recreational purposes. and now am court order to take random test ( that I have passed all). My soon to be x husband brother is an attorney and he is passing out the test that I failed to my work, my sons school, to anyone and everyone with my address, date of birth and ss#. Can I do any?
No it is not...suggest filing complaint to the State Bar.
Will my KY license be restricted if my MN licenses is as well?
While I lived in MN I got a DWI and plead guilty to a gross misdemeanor. During the court process I moved to Kentucky and got a valid license. Now I need to get an ignition interlock system in my car so my MN license is not revoked. My MN license will be restricted but does that mean my KY licenses will be as well?
The short answer is YES. MN will notify KY. So you will need to comply with KY restrictions that are in affect for a DWI.
How easy is it to get a DUI reduced to reckless op with no criminal background and no traffic violations in Campbell County KY?
I've lived in NKY for the last 9 years, have been gainfully employed for the same company during those nine years, and respectfully declined all field sobriety tests.
Every DUI is very different. However, so are the qualities in an experienced DUI defense attorney. If you are serious...
I got a dui back in 2007 i have a cdl how can i get my driving record clean 5 years back im a dump truck driver i cant get a job
you can read between the lins gettin my liceson reinstated going to dui school a employer see this and can figure it out i got a dui please see if you can help me so i can get back to work 8593561560 please call if you can help me thank you William sabie
You may be eligible to get your record expunged. Contact a criminal defense attorney about this to see if you meet the...
I was caught using a fake id to trying get into a bar, the fake id was another persons. i have to appear in court. what happens
I have never been charged with any other crimes.
Depending on all of the details of what the false license purported to be, you will be facing either a misdemeanor or a...
How many drinks does it take you to be over the limit?
Had eight drinks over eight hours. I am female and weigh 154. Took blood test for DUI.
Go to and run the numbers there. Should give you a good idea.
Is it possible to do jail time for first time DUI in the state of KY?
No Miranda rights
The miranda rights only help if they are used to get proof out of you that you were DUI. If you admitted to DUI before...