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  • Crime 13 mins ago 1:36 p.m.Fort Mill HS student char...

    Friday Feb 17 | via WCNC-TV Charlotte 

    FORT MILL, S.C. A Fort Mill High School student was arrested after police say he posted a cryptic, vague message on Instagram that was initially perceived as a threat. According to Fort Mill Police, the message said "My legacy would begin on 2-17-17."


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  • Former Fort Mill day care workers faces more charges

    Wednesday Feb 15 | via WMBF 

    A former Fort Mill day care worker charged with improperly touching two 8-year-old children last year has been arrested on two more charges/ Local media outlets report that 29-year-old Steven Matthew Gentry of Rock Hill was arrested Tuesday and charged with two counts of third-degree sexual assault in which the victim is under age 14. York County Sheriff's spokesman Trent Faris says one of the charges stemmed from a 7-year-old boy who told his mother last month that Gentry touched the child inappropriately. Gentry worked at the Smart Kids' Child Development Center in Fort Mill until last year, when day care officials learned that he was being investigated.


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Fort Mill Law

If you are told to get an interlock device by SCDMV can you wait the two years and then get your license reinstated.
DUI 2008 DUAC 2013
Unfortunately, no. Interlock is required for 2 years after your suspension ends, assuming you got convicted of a second...
If you have a breath alizer in your car installed why is a portable breath alizer required?
Is the portable breath alizer the same as the car one?
It might be. It's unclear if you have an ignition interlock device as part of a plea agreement or some other type of...
Can I claim statue of limitations on a fine for a dwi
Had a DUI in 2008 did everything the state of SC wanted me to do except pay the fine can or is there a statue of limitations on the fine
Yes, you still owe the fine if that was part of the plea agreement or part of the court order.
Is there such thing as pro bono or financing in South Carolina (York County). PLEASE HeLP
4 years ago I completely cleaned up my life. I moved to SC and everything was going well. Until back in May I was rear ended. I took some pain killers and Smoked some weed only at night to deal with the pain, i have no health insurance.(In NC where marijuana was decriminalized).The next day, maybe 15 hours later I was in another car accident. I lost consciousness and had a large gash on my forehead. The cops took me out of the car and had me do field sobriety test. I did not do very well on them( I can't pass them sober, especially after a traumatic accident where there was LOC).The cops took me to the hospital and did a brain scan and it was WNL. I've done research and just because nothing showed on the scan doesn't mean that there was no injury to my brain. I also failed the UA and Blood test. During the accident, the person I hit god badly hurt. (my PD said that he is a retired cop who was healing from a kidney transplant). I have a PD for right now but with these charges I think I need more. I received a few quotes and they were around 20,000 which I cant afford without financing. Please Help me find who can help. I didnt clean up my life to do 15 yrs. Im also a newlywed.
We (participating AVVO lawyers) are not permitted to solicit business for either ourselves or for other lawyers. I can,...
Can I get my drivers license in South Carolina if I was convicted of misdemeanor dwi in New York?
Back in 2013 I was convicted of misdemeanor dwi. Everything is over just the court and dwi fine has to be paid.. It wasn't aggravated the charge or either did I refuse the breatherlizer test. I blew barely over the limit and still got charged back then.. Can I still get a South Carolina license if my New York State license was taken away in 2013? I need it back as soon as possible or a new one because of my work situation. Will those unpaid fines be a problem? I'm still paying on them.
Generally speaking, in order to get a valid license in one state you must surrender any VALID license you have from...
DUI and DMV with 3rd DUI per DMV and 1st per court, moving from IA to SC
Person was charged with 1st DUI in Iowa 09/2015. Probation expired after 6 months. However, had DUI in 2004 1st offense, and 2010 2nd offense. IA DMV treats this as 3rd DUI. Per DMV will get a work permit in 9/2016 and unrestricted after 5 years. Person moving to SC, will he be able to get a work permit and unrestricted after 2 years? (SC DMV 3rd DUI is 2 yrs unrestricted and IA is 6 yrs unrestricted)
Hate to sound cynical but why bother? With 3 DUIs since 2004, it might be best for him to use Uber before he hurts...
DUAC showing up on employer background checks
I was convicted of DUAC. I thought this would mean I would not have a criminal record but it is showing up when potential employers run a background check. Is this an error?
Likely no. Conduct a live scan on yourself to see what shows up.