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  • Convicted felon gets 34 years in prison for shooting...

    Saturday Aug 22 | via Bluffton Today 

    Authorities say a convicted felon accused of shooting a North Carolina police officer in Fort Mill last year has agreed to a plea deal which could lead to 34 years in prison. The Herald of Rock Hill cites court documents that say 33-year-old James William Lewis signed an agreement Friday with federal prosecutors admitting that he shot Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Shane Page as he and other officers were attempting to arrest him in connection with an armed robbery in Pineville, North Carolina.


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  • 5 things to know for Monday

    Monday Aug 17 | via WSOCTV 

    A baby girl is safe and back home after she was abducted Saturday from a southwest Charlotte neighborhood, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. Click here to hear the warning that mother wants to share.


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  • Bulletproof chairs for the classroom?

    Wednesday Aug 5 | via WCNC-TV Charlotte 

    Bulletproof chairs for the classroom? Bulletproof chairs for the classroom? Check out this story on FORT MILL, S.C. -- With the 2016 school year less than a month away, a local company is marketing a new idea to keep kids safe in the classroom. It may look like a normal chair, but it comes equipped with a bullet-proof vest.


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    Jul 21, 2015 | via FindLaw 

    Attorney General Roy Cooper, by Assistant Attorney General Jennifer St. Clair Watson, for the State. Goodman Carr, PLLC, by W. Rob Heroy, for Defendant.


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Fort Mill Law

If you are told to get an interlock device by SCDMV can you wait the two years and then get your license reinstated.
DUI 2008 DUAC 2013
Unfortunately, no. Interlock is required for 2 years after your suspension ends, assuming you got convicted of a second...
If you have a breath alizer in your car installed why is a portable breath alizer required?
Is the portable breath alizer the same as the car one?
It might be. It's unclear if you have an ignition interlock device as part of a plea agreement or some other type of...
DUAC showing up on employer background checks
I was convicted of DUAC. I thought this would mean I would not have a criminal record but it is showing up when potential employers run a background check. Is this an error?
Likely no. Conduct a live scan on yourself to see what shows up.
What is the Felony DUI Laws resulting in death in South Carolina. I need to know when I should be able to get my license back
I got charged 3 felony dui result of death that was run concurrent in court. I served 5 years in prison. The judge suspended my license for 3 years after my release, but the dmv will not allow me to get my license back until 2035
Court and DMV are separate. Have your attorney to review your record.
Will Georgia know about a SC drivers license revocation?
I currently live in SC and my license was revoked for DUI. I am moving to GA for a job and am trying to find out if they will issue me a GA license. I was under a suspension that will be up in a couple of months when the DUI happened and did not receive any paperwork about the revocation after the case was finished.
If your drivers license is suspended in one state there is a very strong likelihood that every other state is notified...
I was told that the arresting officer did not videotape my face during sobriety test. They have reduced it to wreckless driving
I was told that I could request a jury trial and everything would be dropped. My counselor told me the only way they would reduce it to wreckless driving is if this is true.
You should hire an attorney to handle this matter for you. If there is no video of you in the DUI you should be able to...
Can an attorney help me with this rather convoluted tale of DWI/DUI convictions and subsequent license suspensions?
I was a licensed SC driver and was convicted of my 1st DWI in NC in Oct '07. My license was suspended for a year. I was then convicted of a 2nd misdemeanor DUI in SC in Jan '11 and a 3rd misdemeanor DWI in NC in Feb '11. These last 2 convictions haven't been reported to the other state's DMV as of yet (nearly 3 years). The SCDMV shows I was eligible to receive my license back in January of 2012 but NC reports I'm suspended until Feb. 2015. I am aware that further suspensions could result if & when NC/SC find out about the third DWI/DUI. I've tried to contact the courts & both state's DMVs to try and make them aware of the 3rd offense to no avail. I decided to wait until the NC suspension is up in 2015 to attempt to restore driving privileges but still fear suspensions then. What can I do?
Really the best thing to do is just wait out the process and not needlessly inform other states about these offenses....