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My commander is giving me a gomar for a dui that happened three years ago and two duty stations ago, what can i do to prevent it
3 years ago i ended up making a bad decision and got a DUI. I was on PCS leave from Germany enroute to fort campbell, ky. I am now at my third duty station here in Fort lewis, wa. I got a letter from the state of wisconsin saying that they are going to suspend my drivers license if i do not complete a drinking education class Ex. (ASAP) so I self enrolled myself in a one day class with ASAP. I had to have my commander sign off on it. I did not tell him why i did due to privacy. my counselor called him stating why i was in the class. After he found out i had a dui enroute to ft campbell and they did not punish me in any way under the UCMJ he is trying to give me a GOMAR now. Can he do that? what can i do about it? any advice i can have i would love to have it. I planned on making this
I suggest you reach out to JAG and consult with them.
When can I get a misdemeanor removed from my record? Pled down from a DUI
I plead down from a DUI and received a reckless driving. This was two years ago. I was told that after three years you can move to have it expunged, but then I was told you have to wait 10 years now. I was just turned down from a job, because this is on my record. Also is it possible to have it removed from my driving record as well for job purposes?
The reason you were given conflicting information is because the law is ambiguous and could be interpreted in one of...
I got a no test dui for intoxicating lquor. Yeah I did the breathelizer 3 times negative. So officer placed machine out of servc
officer refused to give me pbt and would not take blood. Officer lied on the stand repeatedley. the all female jury cinvicted me
What is your question? Sounds like you don't like the way your case played out, but what are you asking?
Neg1 driving is a criminal offense?
Got pulled over for DUI 2 years ago. Lawyer got reduced to neg1/wreckless endangerment as deal. Recently, prospective employer done background check, and neg1 was criminal offense. My lawyer at the time informed me that neg1 would only show on my driving record, and wreckless endangerment as criminal. Is this correct, or did the company doing background mess up?
Driving first degree is a misdemeanor criminal offense. Reckless endangerment is a gross misdemeanor criminal offense
Can I form a suit against a drunk driver?
My parked van was recently hit by a drunk driver, who then fled the scene of the accident. Once home, his wife and daughter called the police and reported it. His insurance is agreeing to pay out a bit over the Kelly Blue Book value of my van. My problem is, I paid my van off two years ago and had no intention of financing a new vehicle any time soon. This whole situation has caused a great deal of hardship to my family. I took great care of my van and planned to drive it another 3-4 years. Do I have a valid case against this irresponsible driver? I mean, I'm not trying to capitalize on the situation, but the amount his insurance offered will only scratch the surface of what it will cost me to finance another vehicle--not to mention the stress that comes with that.
You can sue him but it is unlikely that you can get that much more than the Blue Book value as the financing hassle is...
DUI charge
I got charge with DUI awhile back it was supposed to be plead down reckless driving, I got charged for DWLS 2 in July 2014 and had a warrant out for my arrest for the DWLS cause I missed court. I went today and found out I had a warrant for the DUI too because I broke my agreement. But on my criminal background it still says DUI instead of reckless driving can I request and get a retrial?
What it sounds like is that you were doing some type of diversion or continuance on conditions so that if you complied...
DUI and DWLS 2
Today I went to court to quash a warrant for DWLS 2, (pretrial is in June) they said in the warrant my bail was 1500 but walked away paying nothing I did find out I had a warrant for my DUI case because I broke my agreement for my DUI after being caught driving again. What do I look like I could be facing? I have other charges in the past for driving without a license.
I am not a WA attorney, but can tell from your question that more information is needed. One of the primary...