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Do I have a chance of getting my dwi reduce?
I blew a .12 I was only pulled over for failure too turn my high beams off I wasn't swerving or speeding I passed two test the officer gave me but failed the breathlizer do I even have a chance of getting it reduce I only have two speeding tickets on my record one is ready too come off and my criminal I have two mis but they are 7 and 4 years old and not drug related or driveing related do I have a chance in court?
Dear Prince George - I think that you have asked this questions in different ways. However, because DUI is a very hot...
How much time will I get for a dwi?
I blew a .18
At least 5 days and up to a year or more, depending on the circumstances. What you blow in a machine doesn't always...
In dwi cases do my driveing record have anything too do with it or just my criminal record?
I have a postive 3 on my record and 1 speeding ticket is bout too come out I only have 2 speeding tickets and been driveing since I was 16 years old
Your driving record can be used against you. In DUI cases, I have rarely found a clean driving record to be a benefit...
If Iam convicted of a dwi on my trail do they give me time too get a restricted liscence?
I go too court oct 15 for trial if convicted will they suspend my liscence that day or give me time too get my money rite for restricted liscence?
your license is suspended and soon as you are convicted. If you need time to get money to pay your court costs so that...
Do va court let u make payements arrangement on fines while applying for a restricted liscence?
Who is the best lawyer in prince gorge country? I want a prince George attorney
I cannot answer as to who's the best prince george attorney. However, as for the restricted, most jurisdictions...
I was gave a bond for a dwi in virgina 2,500 secured do this mean I have no chance in court?
I was stopped for a dwi I didn't wreck didn't get smart with the officer did everything he wanted me too do! If prince George country real strict on dwi like I only have 3 things on my back round their not felonies thou and they all was 4 plus years ago! Do I even have a chance at princegeorge court too get it reduce Iam going too hire a prince George attorney Iam think Steve novey is he good? I need all va lawyers too comment
A secured bond of $2,500 is not unusual for a DWI/DUI charge and does not necessarily reflect on the merits of your...
Is it a such thing as blowing 1.2
Or is it really .12 I weight 244
.12 if you're still alive to ask this question