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Can a soldier easily get a first time DUI dropped down to reckless driving
E5 soldier, been in 7 years, deployed twice, never been in trouble received a first time DUI, could it be reduced?
It is very possible to get a DUI reduced, if you know what your doing. Does your military status make a difference? No....
Will I go to jail for dui bodily injury
I was not under the influence of alcohol to my knowledge . I drank at 5pm at my house and took a nap around 530pm. Woke up and ate around 9pm. I waited for friends and they arrived at 10:15ish. I drive us to downtown riverside and had only 1 drink. 5 people can vouche for me as well as any bartender where I was. We ended up arriving in downtown around 10:40ish and ended up leaving around 1:30pm 2am to my house with a full car and a friend following me with a full car as well. Stopped for food, after getting g food rushed home because I had people over my house waiting. I made a turn to quick 2 blocks from my house and ended up flipping my car and it rolled. I was knocked out and carried to my friends car who was following behind and driven to my house with a bad head injury. Woke up inside my house and was being cleaned of blood. Everyone involved was taken to the hospital by someone. The police came and I explained I was driving and that I wasn't under the influence of anything but took me in for dui felony bodily injury and went to jail and am now out on bail because I have a full time job
Nobody here can tell you if you'll end up being convicted let alone do any jail. The best thing to do is to contact...
What can happen to me if I have court in riverside California for dui and child endangerment?.
I was driving with my son in the back seat and I got into an accident the cops came and charged me with a dui and child endangerment what will happen in court?
Child Endangerment is a very serious offense that can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. Your facing possible...
I am on informal probation for something other than DUI I got a 23152(a) a few night ago what will happen
got a DUI and have been on informal probation for 8 months for a different case not a DUI
Probably a violation of probation for getting back into legal trouble, anytime you get into further trouble you have...
Will this stay on my record my dui got dismissed
I got a dui in 2015 I got 3 years of probation, now I got caught with poessesion of a controlled substance in 2016, what kind of trouble I'm I looking at? Will this stay on my record, I'm about to finish college and about to get my dream job, I can't have this on my record or I need to get it dismissed so I can get a job
There is no such thing as a true expungement in California. When people use the term, they are usually referring to a...
Can I do an online DUI class? Or apply for a hardship license?
need a license due to my Grandparents who are in their late 80's and unable to drive I care for them as much as possible but they need transportation to dr. appointments and I have an 18 mo program to do my last DUI was in 2009 I have priors but only two are on my record. I tried to see if I could do an online class to get it sooner because I'm told I must complete 12 mo before I can even apply for a restricted one. I never completed my classes due to lack of funds. Lack of funds is not an issue now. Is there anyway of helping me. Even if there is a way of going back to my first wet and wreckless and getting that dropped the only one that I was above .08 was the one in 2009 I believe and that was .13 I have been sober now for about 4 1/2 years that was on my own accord. I also did completed an 18 mo drug and alcohol program thru the courts in 2009 I think it was would that count please let me know if you can think of anything that could help me I have no problems doing the class but I really need to get my license ASAP. Is there a way to do it online? My DUI class is no longer thru the courts it's the dang DMV. Thank you Cherise Goddard
From what I can gather from the story you told, the last class you completed was for an offense prior to 2009 and then...
Can I move to Washington when already been convicted of a third DUI in California?
I have been sentenced a fine and work release for 120 days with enrollment in DUI program for 18 months. I have no income and no help from family or friends. I've recently been kicked out of my home with my 2 year old. I have a family friend in Washington who will help me get a good job out there.
You can move, but you'll need to return to court to ask the judge to allow you to complete all the programs up there....