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Is there a statue of limitations for a DUI violation received on Federal Property (Military Base)?
I was arrested on April 19th 2014 and I still have not received a court date. I've also called the Central Violations Bureau and they don't seem to have any information about my charge. I've already been discharged from the Army, Under Honorable Conditions and was wondering if I could also upgrade my discharge if this incident never comes to fruition. Thank you for your time!
Typically the statute of limitations for a misdemeanor is one year.
Federal DUI case - took 9 months to get my first court date.
In July 2013 I received a federal DUI on a military installation. It wasn't until 9 months later that I received my first court date for my arraignment, which will be a month from now. We do not even live in the state anymore, due to military relocation. I do plan to have a lawyer represent me in court. What are my chances of my case being dismissed on the circumstances of the time frame alone? First offense with no aggravating factors.
You need a criminal defense attorney to represent you at court, one that practices in federal court where the case is...
I call the da and they keep on that they will let me know on when they need me my ticket got dismiss for dui but the da wants to
recharge me for the dui? It has been two months and I dont know if I should rehire a lawyer because the Da tell me that they are looking into my charges. This is a federal case My dui was dismiss in may but now they want to take it to the grand jury and recharge me and I have not heard anything and it ben two months since they send my the letter. The last time I spoke with them thay told me they gave it to another da and she has a full load that it will take a while So what should I did re hire a lawyer? Or wait until I hear from them again which it can take I dont know forever?
You should talk with your lawyer you had earlier for assistance. They will be in the best position to help you and...
I refuse to blow and they dismiss my charges in may but the da is going to the grand jury to try to retrail me it ben 4 months a
and I just heard that they are still working on it I dont know my new court date is so is it good for my case since it takening so long and since it already ben dismiss once that I can win again? I am entile to ge my license back two days ago but I dont know what to do on that part should I go to the dmv and get my license back?
The state could recharge if they dismissed with leave to refile. Contact a local attorney.
I got a piece of paper sign by a judge saying that my charges are drop but the da is trying to recharge me can they do that?
I went to court on a refuse to blow 7 weeks ago but the judge dismiss the charges but the da want to take it to a grand jury and re charge me for the refuse to blow can they do that and if they can how long can it take before I hear something from them? It is a federal case my job is transfer me to another state in about 2 months but I don't know what to do
Talk to your attorney. It is that Simple. You simply need to talk with your attorney the details are too complexed...
How hard is it to prove a dui in court if I refuse the test and they didnt do the field test and no blood test or piss test?
I was driving on post when a mp got behind me he follow me for about 1.5 miles and put on his blue lights on I was already off post. He came to the car and ask me for my license I ask him why did you pull m over he didnt wanted to tell me I ask him twice he went to his car and came back when he came back he told me my license was suspense for dui I ask him again why did he pull me over at that time another car got behind his the second guy came to the car and told me that they pull me over because I was in the middle lane then the second guy ask me to get out I did he wanted me to blow I told him no because I already know why because I have a dui and you want to give me another one. So the police report reads that I had red eyes and I smell like alochol.
You have left out some needed information. Did the MP charge you with anything other than DWI? My guess is that he...
My question nobody understand it I refuse to blow and the officer didn't do a blood or piss or a field sobriety test ?
My question is do I have a good case in federal court no evidence the cop never ask me to do a field sobriety test all he wanted me to do was to blow I refuse I didn't blow . My car is not on camera for going over the lane like he was no camera he didn't take blood or make me piss he didn't put me in front of a judge to tell me what my charges where . He didn't let me make my phone call so someone can watch me blow into the machine . all he did was watch me for 10 muns and he wrote on the ticket that he is a field officer he observe me for 10 muns and he can tell that I am ruck . And this one is on federal land so do I have a good case I suppose to get my license back in June of this year