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Misdemeanor DWI
My husband got a misdemeanor DWI. The arresting officer has called my husband and told him he forgot to fingerprint and photograph my husband and it needs to be done before he goes to court. What does this mean for my husband's case since the officer forgot to do these 2 things?
It does not mean anything regarding the charges, but being fingerprinted prior to the court appearance will be...
If my DUI's (2) were dismissed can I still apply for a CDL license? The charges were in 2000 and 2010
The charges in 2000 were CWOF'd and the charges in CT are sealed following a diversionary program. Will these charges automatically disqualify me for a CDL even though they are "technically" not guilty
We could look that up for you but don't know offhand
Can an out of state DUI license suspension affect your license in your home state?
I got a DUI in Vermont and got my license suspended in Vermont. I live in New York and was just wondering if the suspension would carry over into my NY license. I am taking the appropriate steps in Vermont to regain my license and so far nothing has happened in NY, but I didn't know if anything would happen by the time I get my privileges back in VT.
Yes. Most states are part of a driver's license compact, and if you are revoked in one state the information may be...
Can i stay out of jail and just get probation with a class d felony non volant i dont have a record out side of these dwi
no other tickets beside these 3 big ones
Probation is a valid authorized sentence for a class D felony DWI. Whether you get it or not will depend on a variety...
Can you get a DUI almost 4 months after an accident?
My brother was in a very bad car accident. He was in ICU for a month and then he was in TBI therapy for a month, he has been home for about 1.5 months since the accident in September. On Christmas Eve the officer called and said he would be getting charged with a DUI because he had THC present in his system. He has told us he did not smoke that morning before the accident but did within the last couple of days. I have read that if it appears in his system even if he was not impaired he could still be charged. (which is the case but we can not wrap our head around the fact that this is almost 4 months later) How can they go from telling my mom over and over that there was nothing in his system to now this?
Your brother should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney ASAP for possible representation if in fact he...
How much should it cost for a good dwi attorney
Got a charge of dwi for falling asleep at wheel while on medication alchohol involved
Fees vary from attorney to attorney and based on where your case is pending. Where was your arrest?
I have been given a tickets for dwai and dwi
had 2 drinks at my moms christmas eve,heading home got stopped by nystate troopers i told them that and i was just like not even 6 tenths of a mile, they pulled me over in my yard and they made me do some test in my slusshy driveway, i was honest and respectal to them the whole time. i am a big guy i wiegh over 240 two drinks seems not right . clean driving record the thing i blew in to sad 00.6 i think
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