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  • Mother, 2 girls slain; man jailed

    Friday | via NWAonline 

    Police arrested a Forrest City man Thursday in the fatal shooting of his girlfriend and her two daughters in their apartment. Cordale Stacy, 30, is accused in the Wednesday evening slaying of Nashae Williams, 38, and her two children, Malayya Williams Issah, 9, and Zanashia Williams, 6. Stacy surrendered to authorities early Thursday after his mother persuaded him to do so, said Lt.


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  • Man arrested in triple murder of girlfriend, 2 children

    Thursday Oct 19 | via KSLA-TV Shreveport 

    A man is in custody after killing his girlfriend and two of her children, according to the victim's family. Nashae Williams' family said her boyfriend, Cordale Stacy, shot and killed Williams, her 6-year-old, and her 9-year-old.


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  • Little Rock police charge second, 'initial' shooter ...

    Wednesday Oct 18 | via Arkansas Times 

    Little Rock police today say they'd filed charges against a second person, Tyler Jackson, 19, in the Power Ultra Lounge shootings July 1. He's charged with three counts of second-degree battery and six counts of aggravated assault, the first charges filed against someone for causing injury to those among the 25 people shot the night that gunfire broke out during a rap show at the club. At a press conference today at LRPD headquarters on West Markham, Captain Rusty King, head of the LRPD's Major Crimes Unit, said that Jackson was the "initial shooter" in the incident.


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  • Police detain suspect in slaying

    Wednesday Oct 18 | via Arkansas Online 

    Police arrested a Forrest City man in connection with the slaying of a former minister after, police said, the man crashed the victim's car during a pursuit.


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  • U.S. trial pushed back to '18 for rapper who was per...

    Sep 16, 2017 | via NWAonline 

    A federal jury trial scheduled Monday for Memphis rapper Ricky Hampton and his bodyguard, Kentrell Dominique Gwynn, also of Memphis, was rescheduled Friday for March 19. The men were arrested July 2 in Birmingham, Ala., the night after Hampton performed at the now-defunct Power Ultra Lounge at 220 W. Sixth St. in downtown Little Rock. A shootout at the club during the show left 25 people injured by gunfire and three others injured as they tried to flee the second-story venue.


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Forrest City Law

Request earlier court date? Did I do the right thing saying I was a unfit parent? What should I do?
Girlfriend of four year's tested positive for Drugs(meth) during the birth of our child. Her grandparents hired a lawyer to keep DHS from taking our baby. There was not time for me to prove my paterty. We both signed saying we we're unfit. I was never drug tested nor do I use drugs. Grandparents have temp. Custody and live hours away. Next court date is 3mths away. They have also stated they won't fight us , they want us to have our daughter.
In guardianship actions, a finding of unfitness makes it much more difficult to terminate the guardianship later if you...
Can I drop the charges on rape the officer said it was rape I was drunk when filling out papers what do I do
I just don't knw what to do cause it wasn't rape at all we were both drunk yes I passé out woke up to him trying get my pants off
You should do nothing before consulting with an Arkansas criminal defense attorney. You could expose yourself to...
I received a DWI 1 yr ago. How long does it stay on my record, in regards to reporting to insurance companies.
This appiles to the state of Arkansas
Generally speaking, your driving record resets every 3 years as far as reporting to insurance. However, a DWI may stay...
What do you have to do to get your license reinstated after a DUI with drugs?
My son received a DUI with drugs in 2016. He took the alcohol class as he was instructed to do and has his certificate. He was told now he has to participate in a MADD class. Is this correct? The driver control said its state law and I can't find it anywhere.
The MADD class is also mandatory. It's actually an administrative regulation. The State law just allows the DFA to...
I am in the national gaurd and I got a dwi what are they going to do?
I was driving home when had fallen asleep. I hit another car at 35 head on. I took the blood test at the hospital and, I got a false positive for amphetamines. I had been taking Sudafed and, robutsin for a cold I have been trying to get over with out having to go to the doctor. I am in the national gaurd and I don't know how there going to reprimand me for a false positive that I don't know how to prove.
You could be facing demotion or worse. If you beat these charges they might not punish you. I would get a fingernail...
My daughter in law has a old warrant from Washington state, it was for a failure to have a interlock in her car after a dui,?
She has moved here to Arkansas about 2 years ago & needs desperately to get a legal license here, Washington is saying she needs to come back there & go to court, that is not financially a option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Warrants do not go away until they are addressed. Perhaps an attorney in Washington State can help her with it. Once...
II have 3 drug charges pending got the first two n 2016 1n may 1 n step. N got 3rd one 2017 I need to no what r the time line n
I need to no about how long do I have to go to court on a drug charge from May 2016
Certain felony charges can be brought within three years, although there are some exceptions. There may be ways to get...