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Will my license stay suspended for missing jury duty?
I'm on a restricted license (not for DUI) and I was summoned to jury duty, but I failed to show up because I just forgot. I've read that the courts can suspend your license for failure to appear, but will they deny reinstating it?
Generally the courts do not notify dmv in failure to report for jury duty
I am wondering what the seriousness level of my dui is in sebastopol, California. I have a criminal record in washington.
I have four felonies, all in washington and all done and dealt with in every manner and have been off probation for over a year now. I have no prior dui's at all, this is my first one. I was involved in an accident, but no one was hurt other than myself, and i was hurt very badly. Spinal surgery was needed, i was cited for a VC 23152(f), after the cop questioned me in the hospital. The officer claims i said i was messed up on weed and alcohol, although i do not even remember ever talking to the police officer, due to medication, shock, and having a broken back. I dont remember anything after losing control of the car. I am wondering if im going to jail for this and if so are there jail alternatives for a first time dui? I am just very thankful no one else was hurt. I confused about my case
Confused? I don't think you're confused at all, it sounds more like denial to me. Were any of your felonies in WA...
My dad was involved in a motorcycle accident and was not at fault but had alcohol in his system. Will he be charged a dui?
My dad had gotten a dui back in 2005 also. Will He have to go to jail?
Was he arrested or cited for anything? Did they obtain a blood or breath sample??
Do I need a lawyer for an ui citation and i blew under .08
Was released to my 18 daughter.CHP did not take my licence but issued a temp one
Of course you need a lawyer for your situation. You know that. Hire an experienced DWI attorney now.
Cop made a HUGE mistake on my ticket, how do i deal?!
I was pulled over because my license plate light was out. My license was suspended at the time so my car was impounded. This happened 3 days ago, I was reading over my ticket and I noticed the cop put that i had an alcohol level of .08 or higher. I hadn't been drinking AT ALL. he didn't breathalyze me or do any sobriety tests. What do i need to do to fix his error?!
If you have a date to appear on a DUI charge in Sant Rosa, I would suggest hiring excellent local counsel as soon as...
Can the police in Ca. upon your arrest for DUI, call your employer and tell them you were arrested. Not a work related incident
an appointed employee was arrested for DUI accident with injury. The chief of police from the arresting city called the chief of police in the employee city and told them the non elected official was arrested before the person arrested could tell the employer himself. Most definially DUI, not an issue, just now the employer wants to do sanctions, and the arrestee hasn't gotten a chance to chat with them. The COP notify the other COP before the person was even out of the hospital (less then 12 hours).
I dont suppose its ilegal, but Imdont see how its part of the job description formthe police. Doubt there is any civil...
Can required jail time be suspended?
I have a 3rd dui, and my daughter was in the car(felnoly charge). I also had a high BAC. We have had our first offer... 6 months in jail, rehab, 52 weeks parenting class, 18 months dui class, 3 years formal probation, and finally, after 3 years, felony can be reduced to mistamener. Can I have rehab count as jail time? Can I do work furlough? I work at a winery in a very high position... It's sonoma county. I would like to not loss my job and home.... Any ideas on avoiding the 6 months(3 actually served)?
These are all excellent questions that you need to discuss with YOUR LAWYER.