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Second Probation violation for DWI
My brother is an alcoholic. He has been to many treatments. He currently has a 4 yr probation for Dwi. (2nd within 3 yrs.) His probation is in Chisago county MN. He was doing well for 6 months was living in a sober house.Then in aug he violated his probation. Lied to His po, a warrant was issued. He served 3 wks and was supposed to have home monitoring and go back to his sober House..He drank after being released & was picked up. He is in jail till his revocation hiring. He is thinking that he will just invoke and serve his original jail sentence, which is 5 months jail, he has 2 months credit, so about 3 months left. Po has advised him that she is not sending any recommendations to the judge. Wondering if the judge will add on more time? What do u think the court will order?? Thank
It's impossible to say with this limited information. He needs a lawyer to help him through this process and to help...
Will I have to go to court if no warrant was issued when I was arrested and released.
I was arrested at my home after a witness stated they saw a drunk driver. I was arrested and released in the morning with no court date. only a Notice and Order of Revocation a implied Consent Advisory and a Implied Consent Peace Officer's Certificate. That was all they gave me besides temporary license for 7 days.
Depending on the county this happened, usually you will receive a court summons in the mail advising you of your first...
I recently got my license cancelled for failure to remain abstinent but my restrictions on my license and on line say none so
Can I get my license back because there was never any sign that I couldn't drink n the cops said i was free to go
You should probably contact counsel in your area for this--some lawyers specialize in licensing issues and can help you.
Why is a military DUI on my civilian driving record and how do I get it taken off?
I got a DUI Nov 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was a military related offense. It was not supposed to go on my Civilian driving record. I received an ART 15 extra duty, loss of pay, and a Gen letter of Reprimand. I separated from the military and am having a VERY hard time finding a job because of it. It was a stupid mistake and I don't want this to affect my future forever.
It depends on where you have your license. Many bases report DUIs occurring on base, adjudicated at NJP or maybe even...
My daughter got a dwi last night. She blew a .10. What are the realistic chances of getting the chare reduced to reckless drivin
This is her first DWI, She is a recent college grad, and has a job working with vulnerable adults. She needs to drive them to appointments, etc. If she loses her license, she will likely lose her job. Does it make sense to try and get the charges reduced. Or, is this "cut and dried", with no hope of negotiating to a lesser charge?
Yes there is a very good chance to help your daughter. Contact us 1-800-DWI-GUYS or to discuss..
What happens for your first DUI offense?
My friend was driving and we were both on illegal substances. He ended up hitting a tree and so i told him that i should drive and take us home. I realized i couldnt drive so i pulled the car back over and we both got out. A guy ended up seeing us and called the cops. We were then taken to a hospital to be drug tested. Im just Curious whats going to happen to me. That night i also told the cops i was the one driving to help my friend. I was also wondering if that statement could somehow be dropped since i was under the influence?
If charged with a DUI, your likely looking at a litany of requirements as punishment, regardless of how many prior...
Will i be stuck with whiskey plates on both trucks?
My ex who I am on the title to a F15o got his second DWI (first was in 2010) last night. I dont want whiskey plates on my suburban or the f150. I'm going to sell the f150 as soon as i get it out of impound. can i fight whiskey plates since i want to sell the F150? He is not on the title to my suburban but I'm the first name on the title for the F150. I dont have any money for a lawyer and I'm so afraid that I'm going to be stuck labeled as a drunk driver and I dont even drink. I dont want anything to do with the F150 so I just want to sell it and wash my hands with him and the truck.
Did he get the DWI driving one of the vehicles? In some circumstances, you may be able to get an exception granted to...