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4th offense dui while driving on a dui suspended license
I got a 4th offense dui and driving on a suspended license in my plea the court suspended my license for 5 years that 5 years was up in feb of 2015 now Frankfort ky says I have another 5 years because of the driving on dui suspended with the dui. I had my lawyer that done my case file a motion to amend or alter the driving on a suspended license but the judge denied that motion is there anything else I can do to get my license back now
I'm only licensed in Washington but I can tell you if you've already had your attorney file a motion on this issue, and...
I need help getting my license back after dui 4th while driving on dui suspended license
I got a dui 4th while driving on dui suspended my plea deal was to suspend my license for 5 years that 5 years was up in February 2015 now department of transportation says I have 5 more years suspended because of the driving on a suspended license and the dui how can they change what the judge sentenced me too. Is there anyway I can get my license back now.
The best answer is at the licensing authority of your state. You can call then and they can explain what to do.
My fiance is incarcerated at the Pike County Detention Center. He got a two year sentence for fourth offense D.U.I..
He got revoked from his probation for getting in an accident, and receiving another D.U.I.! It was dropped to a third offense. He goes to court over that charge on September 27th, and he will still be in jail when he goes. His release date as of now is November 26th. Do you think he may be released earlier, or not?
I'm confused. He was sentenced as a fourth time DUI before his third offense was sentenced? As to whether he will be...
I put my car in my then boyfriend name that I paid cash for until I take the dui classes over. Now is threatening to take tags
I paid for car and insurance with my debit card. I paid cash for the card and paid for my motorcycle my car and his truck the entire insurance bill for the month.
You have neglected to ask a question. You seem to be coming precariously close to making a public confession on the...
If in ky i am sentenced to 365 days probated 2 years, then get dui in another county will they know
just wondering
it is highly likely they will know. Law enforcement can check your record at any time to determine new offenses. Be...
I got a ticket for underage drinking but i got no sobority test, ( i live in manitoba, canada) PLEASE HELP ME
it was my friends 18th birthday and he to my place (i come from a small town and moved to a city) since i was not 18 i didnt go to the bar (just him and my brother) but when the bar shut down they forgot how to get back to my place so i walked the short distance to the bar so i could guide them home and when i was walking them home i was stopped by the police and they polietley asked me to give them i.d. so i did and they noticed i had a different i.d. in my wallet that wasnt mine ( i used my fake id to buy tobacco products) and they wrote me a ticket for underage drinking but i wasnt drunk or had any to drink that night. they also did not do any sobrity tests or let me talk, i noticed that they wrote i was a passenger in a vehicle too when i was walking will that make it invalid?
Generally this ticket is easy to handle.It will require a Court appearance so you will need to retain an experienced...
Would emt be considered a licensed professional to administer your blood test.
I was taken to the ambulance garage for my blood test.
If you are charged with a DUI, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney in your area to represent you.