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  • Forest Hill man faces assault, firearms charges afte...

    Jan 4, 2016 | via The Baltimore Sun 

    A Forest Hill man allegedly told a young neighbor, "I'm going to kill you," and brought a gun to his house A Forest Hill man has been charged with assault after he allegedly threatened the life of a juvenile neighbor last week, according to police charging documents. Terence Tugado, 43, of the 2100 block of Sewanee Drive, allegedly went over to a neighbor's home last Wednesday because he "has had an ongoing issue with kids jumping over his fence to get [their] balls," according to charging documents.


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Forest Hill Law

Can my PO order me to abstain from alcohol if it was not ordered as part of my probation order?
First offense DUI in Maryland and received 1 year supervised probation. My probation instructions from the court do not have the "abstain from alcohol" box checked. However i'm hearing that I may have to abstain due to a rule ordered by my PO. Is this correct ? Obviously i'm never drinking and driving again but it would be nice to not have to worry about having a drink at home occasionally. thx
First, if you had an attorney, ask your attorney. Second, unless you want your PO to violate you and risk going to...
DUI -I was charged with driving while impaired 21-902 (b) in Maryland.
I was also given notice of enhanced penalties b/c I didn't take breath test. I have to appear w/o an atty in district court but was wondering if I can ask for jury trial since the combo of penalties is over 90 days?
Great question. Driving while impaired carries 60 days, but the enhanced penalties carries an additional 60 days which...
Can a PBJ DUI get expunged in Maryland?
DUI, Probation before Judgement, expungement
No. A probation before judgment for a DUI is one of the few offenses that cannot be expunged under any circumstances.
How long do I have to wait to expunge a DUI?
DUI, dui defense, Maryland, expungement
Neither a conviction nor a probation before judgment can ever be expunged in Maryland for a DUI.
What are my options as a driver that was hit by a drunk driver in my company car?
The man was arrested and cited for 9 different things. I just received a letter from the insurance company that they want to speak with me. My car was totaled and I sustained soreness and aches for a few days after. The accident was on 8/20/15.
You have a number of options, including workers' compensation, PIP, and a claim against the other driver. First, DO NOT...
Is probation an "open" or "pending" judicial case?
DUI charge, probation
Once you have been sentenced, the case is closed. If you violate your probation, it will be reopened.
Can Florida assess additional penalties for DUI convictions?
I am currently a resident of Maryland. I am moving to Florida. I have 4 DUI convictions in Maryland. No cases are open. They have all been settled in Maryland. I do have an interlock installed in my vehicle. Not on probation. No current suspension or revocation of driving privilege.
You should really ask this question of a FL lawyer. But your biggest problem is probably going to be trying to get a FL...