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My husband is convicted of DUI
Hi, I am here on behalf of my husband. My husband is convicted of drinking and driving. Last week while he was returning home from an office party, he was caught by the police. In the tests, it was found that there was around 90 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of his blood, which is above the limit. My husband drinks quite often and I always ask him not to drive while he is drunk. Now he has been convicted by the police. And it is a serious issue and a complicated one because all the evidence is against him. I have been told by my friends to hire a DUI defence lawyer to help him out in this case. But I really have no idea regarding all this. Because of the seriousness and complexity of these criminal cases, I have to get a lawyer who knows how these cases are investigated and prosecuted. I have heard about, a DUI defence lawyer here. Any experiences with them? I have to somehow get him out of this. So what should I do first? I am looking forward to some expert suggestions on this. Please help me. Thank you so much.
He has not been convicted by the police. Only Courts do that. Yes he needs an attorney. You can search here on AVVO or...
Will I be denied to join the the military because of a dui my blood ACL. Was 0.01
Iam 19 years old and two months ago I got a dui I was coming home from a friends house there at his apartment he offered me a beer I didn't see the big deal so i maybe drank half the can I never liked beer so I couldn't finish it around 8pm I decide to leave while driving I change lanes and see blue lights behind me the officer didn't have a real big reason to pull me over he said I change lanes with out a singlelight but he didn't wright that in the ticket I was very nervous because I never really ran into the law before I even admitted to him that I was so he decide to give me a breath test to see if I was ok At that point I remembered the half beer I drank but i complied the test came out to 0.01 my weight is 136 pounds so I could see how 0.01 could pop up my mane concern is joining the military I feel like my future of being a soilder can be taken from me just for that one horrible night
Hopefully not. Consult with a Military Law attorney on the matter. Use Avvo's "find a lawyer" feature to locate an...
Can someone get arrested while crossing the border while on probation for dui or warrant?
My boyfriend has a DUI in Washington and is in probation, he was supposed to turn himself in for a day but did not make it to Washington since we live in California but now he went to Mexico and not sure if he has a warrant and not sure if he will be arrested .
Yes, he can be arrested on the warrant when he makes contact with the Border Patrol... or any other law enforcement...
Can I get an extension on my DUI program?
My dui program was due in Feb. This yr. I just finished my classes about 2 weeks ago. Even tho I finished my classes I didn't receive my certificate due to the fact I still have a balance due. I need an extension just till I i pay my balance off. If I go to court is there a possibility of me going to jail?
If this is your one and only incident?, you're probably fine, but you should get in to see the judge asap. Best of luck
Got an DUI police took my ID now how can I get my car out of the impound....?
Got a DUI pulled over and parked no breathalyzer nothing straight to the back of police car... Blood taken at jail...
The officer should have given you a temporary license. That has worked for other clients. If it doesn't work, try...
My boyfriend got a DUI on federal land but we have doubts on his lawyers performance at the moment.
He obtained a lawyer and that said lawyer said he did not need to go the first court date. The lawyer was very confident that he would get the DUI dropped. Whenever my boyfriend has called to get any information or just some words on what could happen or anything at all, he would get a few words and say not to call and lawyer would call after court date. That date arrived and no word from the lawyer. A weekend and a day passed and finally a email from the lawyer. He said they had to make a new court date because the DUI happened on federal land, my boyfriend needed to be present. This lawyer said he had done federal DUI cases so there is a concern about the lawyer since he didn't know it was a requirement for my boyfriend to be present or even call or email to update what transpired in court. The lawyer is now saying that he is not confident on my boyfriends case. We are wondering if we should start to look for a new lawyer, if we do is there anything we need to do to get our retainer back since this lawyer has not tried the case. Thank you in advance your advice.
Yes, find a new lawyer. Ask for all or part of your money back but, now, get a lawyer in which you will have confidence.
Do I have to attend dui classes for falling asleep behind the wheel or should I challenge my case?
I was arrested for a dui but was released whit in 72 hours after I had blood drawn never charged for a crime but my drivers license was suspended and I got to take dui classes in order for them to reinstate it
It sounds like the DMV took your license away. You should've had somebody defend the DMV hearing. Now you gonna have to...