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Wisconsin license revoked for OWI 1st (noncriminal). Can not afford to take required assessment to reinstate license. Need to drive to work. Would a citation be a traffic forfeiture, with a fine and points or, would I be looking at jail time?
Jail time is likely to be in your future if you drive while revoked due to any OWI related matter, including a...
I was dealing with other legal issues in WI where I reside. Have renewed my WI license since and no mention of IL issues.
A statute of limitations only applies to the time limit for filing a charge. If you'd already been to court on the...
Started court proceedings but because of other court proceedings in WI wasn't able to finish with IL DUI case.
Likely not. Most likely there's a warrant out for your arrest and you've been deemed a fugitive. Hire an attorney to...
Judge ordered my husband 58 day's in jail, fines and AODA and to follow recommendations. My husband served jail time as of 4/ 14/11 and was ordered to have interlock on vehicles for 28 months the day of being charged...4/14/11 and has followed all orders. We have come to fine out that as 9/26/13 is 28 mths and my husband has to have interlock in for another 28 mths because my husband's 28 mths prior did not count because my husband didn't have a valid drivers license. Note that my husband was not eligible for a occupational or licence until 9/26/12. MY ? is another 28 mths?????
the IID for another 28 months may actually protect him . . .and the public
I have had a bakers dozen of surgeries over the last 10 years and became dependent on opiates. I am now on Suboxone(8mg Buprenorphine/2mg Naloxone) and a high dose of Gabapentine(2400mg a day) to get my life back in order and made a horrible mistake by going out and drinking. I just recently lost my Dr. and can't get my Humalog or Lantis injections so my sugars are sky high(300 plus)! I do not think my BAC was that high and my medical condition had a big say in the results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Steve
There is a lot to discuss about your case. You should schedule an appointment with a lawyer. What makes your case...
She says it harmful for the girls. There was no kids with me when I got it and now I haven't drank in 2yrs. Plus I have been watching them for 10yrs and I have never done anything to hurt them!
Merely being convicted of OWI is not grounds for the issuance of a restraining order; however, I strongly suspect there...
coustody until I have a sentencing hearing. My public attorney said he is incorrect and i will have to go to jail the day i make my plea. this offence occured in Janesville, Wisconsin 09/03/2010 whos correct?
Your defense attorney. 2009 Act 100 took effect July 1, 2010.