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Do i receive wages for loss time at work due to drug screen ?
I had a random drug test a couple days ago and just got prescibed pain pills for back pain and they showed up now i cant work, will my job pay me for off time? Details took 5 panel test , tested positive for opiates sent to lab for closer examination Have prescription 3 days off and no results yet
This sounds like a Labor Law question. But if your work has rules regarding drug use, then you will have to abide by them.
BAC blood test instant results and officer not arresting me but charged with DUI?
I hit a car in front of me (very minor damage going about 12mph at the intersection ) and the driver called the police because of my intoxication. The police made me do the typical sobriety tests then asked if I prefer breath or blood test, I chose blood. A nurse drove to the scene to draw my blood then a few mins later the officer gave me a ticket for DUI and wrote 0.08% BAC on the ticket. He also didn't arrest me that night but told me this is considered an arrest and I got to go home with my dad who drove to the scene when I called him. I was very cooperative and feel like he gave me a break. This is also my first DUI charge. My question, is it possible to get the BAC results that quick or did the officer just write 0.08% BAC on my ticket as an unoffical BAC level? Also is it normal to not be arrested for a DUI?
The officer cited you and likely took your license based on his or her belief that the blood alcohol analysis will show...
Title 18 states that a person on Federal Supervision must be drug tested within 15 days of release. What if this is not done?
I'm currently on supervised release for 1 year. My crime is not drug related but I have a scoring felony that was never charged due to prop 36 completion from 9 yrs. ago. My sentencing judge stated in court that she saw no need for drug testing or counseling. I wasn't tested within 15 days of release but a month after was called to test. Passed. It's been 5 months, 4 tests! What are the rules in Title 18 put in place for and must they be followed?
You need to follow your release conditions including testing when requested.
I have 2 dui convictions. When can I get my non commercial license back and when can I apply for a commercial license?
I was convicted of a dui on 10/28/11 and 1/25/17. The second conviction states that I cannot get my license reinstated until 1/25/2019 with proof of sr-22 and 18month program completion. As of 1/6/17 I am able to get a restricted license with IID and after 10/8/17 I can apply for non-commercial dui restrictions. The paper work does not state the length of time I need to have the iid installed. Is there a minimum time length it must be installed? Also, I need to get my class A license or at least my permit. When would it be possible for me to obtain that? I need it to go to a lineman trade college. Any info helps!
When you were convicted of your second offense you lost your commercial license for life. You should call the...
I am applying for my intern number as an MFT. I recently got a dui, am I on criminal probation?
The summary report said I was on probation not to drive w/o proper licensing, submit to a test if needed. Is that the same as criminal probation? I read what you wrote earlier that bbs will the number if one is on criminal probation
You won't be on probation until you are convicted in court.
Can someone get arrested while crossing the border while on probation for dui or warrant?
My boyfriend has a DUI in Washington and is in probation, he was supposed to turn himself in for a day but did not make it to Washington since we live in California but now he went to Mexico and not sure if he has a warrant and not sure if he will be arrested .
Yes, he can be arrested on the warrant when he makes contact with the Border Patrol... or any other law enforcement...
Can I get an extension on my DUI program?
My dui program was due in Feb. This yr. I just finished my classes about 2 weeks ago. Even tho I finished my classes I didn't receive my certificate due to the fact I still have a balance due. I need an extension just till I i pay my balance off. If I go to court is there a possibility of me going to jail?
If this is your one and only incident?, you're probably fine, but you should get in to see the judge asap. Best of luck