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How is it that someone can continue to get a second DUI extended three times for pretrial and received the second DUI June 2013 - and it now won't be till June 2014 almost a year later an still nothing has been done. I don't quite understand how California can continue to let this go on. I thought your second DUI the sentence was much stiffer....why would it take over a year for them to close a case.......
A case can be continued until both parties have concluded negotiations and are ready to go to trial. The second...
Please note that I understand that any answers to this question are not intended to guarantee or predict an outcome. This question assumes a "guilty" or "no contest" plea. With these facts in mind, what might one expect from the Fontana courthouse? *Single vehicle collision *Driver sustained injuries *No other persons involved *No property damage *No speed enhancement *No refusal *Possible BAC of over 0.20 *No other drugs *First offense *Over 21 *Clean driving record I would specifically like to know how much jail time, if any, might be realistic. Also, if the BAC is over 0.20, are there ways for an attorney to shorten the DUI class from 9 months to 3? Finally, might the court take voluntarily attended AA meetings into account during sentencing?
I'm in Fontana pretty regularly. Here's a link to what you can probably expect:
I was arrested and convicted in 2006 in Alameda Co. Completed fine and community service.
My expectation is that DMV will require you to complete the DUI school first. You can confirm this by calling DMV's...
I was supposed to complete a 3 month DUI program after getting a DUI in January 2000. I recently discovered I had a warrant and went to court to clear this. The judge saw class was never completed and just sentenced me to 180 days straight time.
There must be more to this story. If there is not, then I think recieiving the max penalty is an abuse of discretion...
The DMV suspended my CA license for four months for a first-time misdemeanor DUI. The D.A.'s office has not filed charges, and my initial arraignment date has come and gone. (It is my understanding that the D.A.'s office has up to a year from the date of the incident to file charges.) If the four month suspension expires before the D.A.'s office files charges, will I need to complete the first offender DUI program to lift the suspension? Please note that I do not wish to apply for a restricted license. If I have to complete the first offender's program regardless, and if charges are never filed (one can dream...), how can I enroll? If charges are eventually filed, but I complete the first offender DUI program before my case settles, will I have to retake the program?
If you do not intend on obtaining a restricted license after the 30 day hard suspension, then all you would need is the...
I got a DUI on 11/7/13 through Rancho Cucamonga CHP and they drew blood in the hospital and I was told I was twice the legal limit. I am currently in school working on my LVN nursing license and am to graduate in Feb 2015. I believe I will have a another background check due in April. My court date is in January. I quit working to attend school. I want to try to save my nursing license. What do I need to do???? Please advise. I am in Fontana, California
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney. Try Avvo's "Find a Lawyer" service.
i was driving while very intoxicated under alcohol rear ended a car from the back i was cut off by truck and to avoid hitting truck ended hitting car in different lane passenger and i where fine victim reported to be fine with small cut above his lip and hip and leg sourness victim choose not to be taken by ambulance to hospital and was picked up by relative police got warrant to take blood passenger tried to say they were driving but witnesses said otherwise first dui
Sounds like you are going to need help. A DUI with injury will be treated as a felony. If there two passengers in the...