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  • Hunting Clubs in Horicon, WI

    Friday Jun 26 | via 

    Horicon Marsh Hunting Clubs no longer remain as they were when they sprang up in 1863. Four Milwaukee area sporting friends, looking to shoot ducks and enjoy each others friendship learned of a good place on Lake Horicon as they came to this area and met up with Harry Clark, son of Satterlee Clark.


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Fond Du Lac Law

I received my first dui and have a clean record. I am wondering if I need a lawyer.
I would like to plead guilty and minimize the impact on my family. I am grateful that I was pulled over as I had put myself and others in harms way. My BAC was extremely high and I'm afraid of potential jail time. I spoke with one lawyer and he said that his services could cost up to $5000 if we pursued not guilty. I would like to minimize cost to my family and admit & apologize for my wrong doing.
Put simply, if you're ever charged with a crime, you absolutely need an attorney. This is true whether you plan on...
I had a knee surgery 4 months before a drunk driver totaled the car. My knee was re injured .Is that pre existing condition?
I now need a total knee replacement
If it is the same knee, depending on the exact nature of the two injuries, then yes, possibly. You should consider...
Should I appear in court for my underage consumption ticket if it doesn't require me to?
I have received a ticket for underage consumption that does not require me to appear in court. This is my first offense. I was not booked and I was released and allowed to carry on my night after receiving my ticket. Just not sure if it is worth my time to go to court if I would have to plead guilty anyways. Also, if I do go ahead and pay the ticket my license will not be suspended correct?
I would counsel taking the time. Best route would be to contact a criminal defense lawyer there in Fond du Lac and get...
How long after you are convicted of your third OWI are you required to report to jail?
If you plead guilty instead of going to a jury trial, could the sentence be lighter?
The day you plead guilty is the day you are sentenced is the day your jail starts. This forthwith sentence is mandated...
I am petitioning for a K-1 Visa for my fiancee, I was convicted of felony DUI two years ago.Is there a chance they could deny ?
It was my 4th DUI. I was never in an accident and didn't harm anyone. I have since finished alcohol treatment and I have served my time.
There is always a chance they could deny, but that would not be the reason. Reformed alcoholics often fall in love and...
I got pulled over valentines day with my wife for 1st owi.
I have never been to court for anything traffic or criminal and have never been to court for anything. We are not social drinkers and before that night we had not been drinking since September. I signed up for alcohol assesment class today.Can I do anything else to help myself before my initial court date? can I forfeit my license before I go to court and would it help? I have been married 20 years, same job for 18, two great kids and have never been in trouble.
First I am not from WI, but there are usually many things that you can do. First and foremost consult with Criminal...
I'm going to see an alcohlol assesment person before I appear in court. Can what I tell him/her be used aginst me in court
This is my 1st owi
Probably not directly, but since a first offense is not a crime, and you can be called as a witness against yourself,...