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How do I get my drivers license back from 2004 DUI
I completed the required program for DUI in CA in 2006 and paid by check to get my license back and sent w/ certify of completion, mailed it in to the Calif. DMV and haven't heard back about my license, everytime I go to the DMV to inquire, they say it's still suspended. I have the copy of the check they cashed, too - I need help getting my license back - could it be a clerical error ?
You can contact the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento and ask them what else is needed to obtain your license....
I've had two dui's in my past. I'm currently on informal probation. Attending 18 month DUI program. I recently was busted in
Sting: purchasing alcohol for under age kids. Misdemeanor. My duis were in two different counties. How severe are my penalties? (Sacramento)
The fines alone for furnishing alcohol to minors are very high. This could also be treated as a violation of two...
I need a lawyer that has experience with someone who has familarity with wet reckless, DUIs, Driver Safety, writ of mandate.
I am trying to get my license back. All this happened back in 2011. Im just started to take care of it now . I had no idea saying I blacked out from drinking that I would never be able to drive again.
turn in your area that is familiar with medical issues suspension. Send you blackout is a problem that should be able...
My son was arrested July for DUI. A second DUI in October and crash friends car while he had no insurace .whats going to happen?
Fried gave keys to have my son park car. Friend knew he was drunk. Son took around the block a couple of times and lost control and crashed friends car .my son s last DUI arrest was in July. This case was still in process then along came second DUI. Son had no insurance and friend has no insurance. What will happend to my son? He is getting a lawyer. Only 20 years old. Thank you
What will happen to your son? Please do not presume that an arrest equates to guilt. Maybe the first DUI will be...
My ex was arrested for DUI, child endangerment and resist arrest. He had our 6 yr old in the car. How can I find out what is
Happening in the case? I am seeking full custody. He has retained an attorney, was arraigned last week, now is scheduled for "pre trial conference". What is this? I'm fearful he will somehow have charges reduced, as this happened before many years ago. I want him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He has lost custody several times, I'm hoping the court says enough.
What happens to his DUI is up to the DA and court. Contact your family lawyer to deal with custody issues.
Is the conviction date or arrest date that is used for the '10 year lookback period' for multiple dui's?
I was convicted in January of 2012 of my 2nd wet and reckless, but the arrest occurred last year in september, and I am trying to see if the new legislation will allow me to get my restricted license or not. - "Reckless Driving. Anyone who is convicted of reckless driving under Section 23103.5 of the Vehicle Code can apply for a restricted driver license prior to the completion of their one-year suspension, provided they meet specified conditions, including the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device in their vehicle. (AB 520, Ammiano)"
It's the offense date.
What do I do if I can't afford my DUI classes?
I have not been able to complete my DUI classes because I can't afford them, so therefore it consistently gets me warrants. I work part-time and want to know if I have any options.
You need to go to the court and tell the public defender your problem. He/she can inform the judge of your situation....