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Can I get a TWIC card with a felony DUI?
I have a felony DUI from about a year ago. Can I get a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) with this on my record?
I attached the FAQ website for the TSA below, on it is a list of the offenses that can permanently bar or temporarily...
Advise: DWI/DUI is 2 different states?
My brother has two DWI's in Texas that happened within the past 10 years, and has now received a DUI in Georgia. What is the worst we can expect?
I hate it when people ask what is the "worst" that can happen, yada, yada . But here goes: 12 months in jail, $1,000....
What happens with a dui probation violation ?
I was pulled over and arrested for a DUI (drugs less safe). I went to Chatham county jail for a few nights then was bonded out for roughly 500$ after 10%. I was already on probation in the same county just a different city for possession of marijuana it was only two roaches in court it was dropped to a disorderly conduct , impeding with traffic which got thrown out completely in court. Distributing to a minor which got dropped to disorderly conduct and I got a drug related object possession charge which got dropped to a disorderly conduct. I believe at this time of my DUI arrest I was on my second or third probation violation for current probation officer. I had court for DUI and it was dropped to a reckless driving and my failure to maintain lane got dropped to a disorderly conduct. I was sentenced Two years probation but if I get my fines paid off within one year I would be done but if I went over a year it was mandatory two years probation well about eight months into probation of doing very well I just stop going I stopped paying fines reporting is another thing I stopped. It was about six months later of not reporting I have a warrant andrunning what’s going to happn
Sounds like you just want to go to jail. Some folks are just like that. You can expect that your probation will be...
What can I expect after getting a DUI in Georgia?
I recently got a DUI in Georgia. I have no criminal record other than another DUI 35 years ago when I was 19.Do I need an attorney or should I simply plead guilty at the arraignment?
You should absolutely retain an experienced DUI lawyer to assist you. There may be defenses, justifications, or a path...
Can a DUI mess with a temporary custody agreement?
I have a temporary custody agreement with my mother over my daughter and I am in the process of getting her back into my full custody. I got a DUI about 2 months ago and I want to make sure that this will not effect me getting my child back.
Yes, your DUI can "mess" you getting custody. Is drinking a problem? Is substance abuse what led to your mother...
Should I go to jury trial and fight 2 counts of DUI or just plead guilty and take what's given?
about a year ago my jeep got wreaked. I was taken to the hospital immediately not remembering anything until next morning. I had been put on morphine and was also slightly intoxicated and still had Ativan in my system from a day ago hospital visit. 2.5 months later the officer who did the accident report calls and tell me I need to turn myself in for dui. he told me that I had 24 hours to turn myself in. I didn't at first. A mo later I finally did using bail bond spent 4 hrs there and got out. Then I got a public defender. Took months before they had the discovery:2 counts dui and improper lane chang. public defender says I should plead guilty and Id get 12-24 mo probation for both counts, 40hrs community service and have to pay $500 for a dui class and $$ to get my license reinstated. Plus 2-$500 fines Or I could go to jury trial, say a gfriend drove (another friends suggestion), they left the scene. when emergency personnel arrived I was actually found in the passenger seat cause the vehicle landed on that side after flipping.a car had ran my vehicle off the road, didnt stop &I ended up in a ditch.So jury trial or plead guilty? Could losing jury trial put me in jail?
Listen to your attorney. Providing false testimony under oath is perjury.
Could I sue a county for not drug testing me when I was charged with a DUI? Would this be cause for the charges to be dropped?
I believe I was drugged at a bar last October. I was found by the officer parked behind an old building in my totaled rental, driver's door wide open, hanging out of the car, and I had thrown up everywhere. I don't remember anything. The arresting officer didn't drug test me. He told me to blow into the breathalyzer, the first time I didn't blow hard enough and he told me he needed me to blow again. I blew .13 and he took me straight to a cell. Said arresting officer claims he called EMS to the scene, by that I refused treatment. He also says I was so far gone I couldn't tell him my name or even walk. Again, I have no recollection of this. They charged me with a DUI because my keys were in the ignition. I now have two witnesses that said I gave my keys to a bartender and told them not to let me drive and another that says I was literally passed out at one of the tables. There was only a $30 charge on my card from the bar. It's been a long painful process. I have no idea what happened to me from the time my vehicle left the bar, to the time the officer found me. I'm friends with the manager of the only other bar in town and she says she's heard of people being drugged there.
Well, this is a criminal defense forum. But, in my opinion, If you sued the county for that reason, be ready to...