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If I have not plead into drug court an are on bond color code am I allowed to fail once
I ate a piece of candy with thc an will fail this next test is there any 1st tIme warning or is it jail
No, you are not "allowed" to fail a color code test. If the THC is detected in your urine, the most likely end-result...
I was charged with a DUI in Alabama. First offense. Will my licenses be suspended two 90 day periods?
Referring to the initial 90 day suspension notice which is up for me next month. I was later convicted in court of first offense DUI. Will I have to wait another 90 days for my suspension to end? Or will I be able to get my licenses after the Administration suspension is up?
I assume you had an attorney since you have already been to court. You need to consult with your attorney.
Arrested for DUI and was told to go to Veterans Court. Is this the same as district/circuit court?
My husband was arrested for DUI in Foley, Baldwin County, by a Sheriff. When I bonded him out he had paperwork telling him to go to Veterans Court. I can't find anything about it online. What can he expect there? Do they follow the same procedures as district court?
Substance abuse program that works through the courts and VA.
Can I petition to get off of probation early in Florida if I have completed all the requirements? And does Florida expunge?
see above
You will need to re-post this inquiry in the Florida 'criminal defense' section. Better yet, it would be advisable to...
I was on probation for DUI in Gulf Shores and violated for a public intox. I want to know what is going to happen?
I had been on probation almost 3 months out of a 6 month stent.
It's difficult to say without knowing all of the facts and circumstances of both of your cases. If the recent case...
There is no suspension or revocation on my VA drivers license but I haven't completed the VASAP. Can I get a license in AL
DUI in 2005 in VA. Conviction, 1st offense in 2011, license suspended 1 year. Suspension was up Aug. 2012. All fines have been paid so there is no revocation. I have completed only 8 VASAP classes. I relocated to AL for employment and will transfer if necessary the ASAP to that state. Can I get an AL drivers license before the ASAP is completed
You are eligible to obtain an Alabama driver license if you are a bona fide resident of the state of Alabama (this...
What would Happen if a 19 year old please youthful offender to a DUI charge?
My boyfriend is 19 years old and got a DUI couple months back.. He is planning on pleading youthful offender when he goes to court.. Now as i have read according to Ware v. State, 432 So.2d 555 (Ala. Crim. App. 1983) He will undergo a background check.. Will this be just an Alabama background check where he got the DUI or will it be Alabama and Mississippi (where he lived before moving here). Also what kind of penalties is he looking at if found guilty with a youthful offender plea?
If a person is adjudicated as a youthful offender, the primary benefit is having his/her record sealed upon completion...