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  • Distraught woman allegedly kicks, knees, spits on tr...

    Monday Sep 19 | via WFMZ 

    Pennsylvania State Police conducting a welfare check in Lehigh County late Saturday night encountered a woman who reportedly cut, kicked, kneed and spit on a trooper before telling him she wished she had shot him in the head. State police charged Anneliese Miraglia with assault, disorderly conduct, lewdness and other related offenses following her run in with police at her Upper Milford Township apartment.


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I was on a two lane highway when a drunk driver crossed the center lane and struck the left side of my truck.
I was almost hit head-on by this person but was able to serve at the last second. The impacted started at my drivers door and continued down the side of my truck. Other driver than tried to run until he couldn't drive his car anymore. I was able to locate this other driver and then call for the police. My truck is drivable and both of my kids and my wife were with me at the time. I've haven't slept well since knowing the if we had our other car, this accident's outcome would have been much different with injury to my family. My truck is a $68k vehicle that is only 6 months old with 6500 miles on it. What are my legal options against this diver and do I have any options to getting a complete replacement vehicle? I didn't spend this kind of money to have it already cracked up.
As the other vehicle came across into the lanes for opposite direction of travel, he is completely liable for the...
What is my sentence likely to be if I am on state parole in Pennsylvania and get caught driving on a second DUI suspension
I'm on state parole for my second DUI I was caught driving without a license on a DUI suspension and I also have not reported to State parole for a little over a year I want to turn myself in but need to know what my sentence is likely to be so I can make arrangements for my family.
Depends on your case, your judge, everything specific to you. Contact an attorney to help you fight the charge.
How to reinstate va driving privalages
State of va is stopping me from obtaining pa license.they have me listed as a habitual offender.I only have two first offense DUI received in 1989 and 1996.
Unfortunately you will need to speak to a Virginia attorney to see what needs to be done in order to reinstate your...
Do I necessarily need a lawyer present for my preliminary DUI hearing? Or are there other actions I can take?
In may I had an accident where I failed to perform duties at a stop sign and was therefore struck by an oncoming vehicle. At the time I was overly anxious (I have an anxiety related disorder that has been diagnosed) and failed the sobriety test. In the blood test the found Seroquel, a medication I have a prescription for but failed to mention at the time due to my anxiety at the situation. So now I am being charged with a DUI, howevery, I have a copy of the prescription (with dates proving that it was valid at the time of the incident). What is my best course of action?
You can represent yourself but you should have an attorney to protect your rights and get you the best possible result....
How can I get my driver's license back?
I received a two first time DUI, that is what my lawyer said anyway, I have been paying for three years what I can afford every month. I need my driver's license back my mother just can't take me to work any longer. I tried to go to court after 3 years and filed a motion to reconsider my fines to get back my driver's license and the motion court wouldn't even hear it. What else can I do, I still owe over 3,000.00 and I have been paying every month without fail. Please let me know if I can do anything else? Thanks
Although your question does not indicate that your motion was filed by your attorney, let's assume that it was. If so,...
Can I get jail time and please advice if getting a lawyer could help my situation.
I just caught a dui Bac 0.15 my charges: **DUI: Gen imp/inc of driving safety-1st offense **DUI: High rte of alc (Bac 10.-.16) 1st off **Failure to stop at red signal "This is my second dui, 1st one was in 2008. I don't know why it says 1st offense."
Yes. There is a mandatory minimum of 30 days incarceration for a conviction on a 2nd offense middle tier. There may be...
What options are there to jail time and what can I do before court to make myself look better in the eyes of the law
2nd dui both times for marijuana 1st was ARD and expunged 1 year ago
The first thing you can do to look better is stop smoking weed. It is still illegal in PA. If you need treatment, get...