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Flower Mound Crime

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  • Slain wife called last years of marriage a not very ...

    18 hrs ago | via Star-Telegram.com 

    A man accused of gunning down his estranged wife near Southlake Town Square got into a fight with her boyfriend - a former member of the Flower Mound Planning & Zoning commission - months before the killing, according to an arrest warrant affidavit and police reports. Kenneth Martin, 52, brawled with Jason Hitt on the night of Nov. 1, 2015 in the 2800 block of Sagebrush Road in Flower Mound, the couple's home.


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  • Texas man arrested in Benton, IL on robbery, battery...

    Tuesday Jul 19 | via KFVS12 

    Police officers responded to a report of an armed robbery at a home in the 200 block of W. Park Street in Benton, Illinois on Sunday, July 17. Upon their arrival, officers found an adult male victim who had sustained serious injuries to his face. The victim reported that he had been sitting in a chair outside the home when a male suspect approached him and struck him in the face multiple times.


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  • Man Looks to Protect Domestic Violence Victims

    Monday Jun 27 | via NBC Dallas 

    A North Texas man pushes for change surrounding family law in the state of Texas to help protect victims of domestic violence, after his girlfriend, Linda Martin , was allegedly shot and killed by her estranged husband. On May 31, 55-year-old Linda Martin was fatally shot at a busy Southlake intersection.


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  • Leading Off

    Sep 17, 2012 | via D Magazine 

    Boy Scouts Hid Hundreds of Accusations of Child Molestation: The Los Angeles Times found that the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America kept a confidential "perversion file" with information on accused sex offenders whom the organization often forced to quietly resign while keeping their crimes "under wraps." Of the 500 instances in which the Scouts learned of alleged abuse before it was reported to the police, in about 400 cases there is no record of the Scouts reporting the abuses to authorities.


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Flower Mound Law

Was in a wreck in november drunk driver hit us my lawyer still hasnt set up appt. for us to talk with him or her .
my injuries have yet to be corrected nor will they return our calls, now they call and say insurance company we are going after has just filed bankruptcy. What does that have to do with us they were not in bankrupt when the accident occured now what am i suppose to do??
If the lawyer won't return your calls, get a new lawyer who will.
Would I need to do an ALR hearing if I gave blood due to a warrant and it's below .08?
During waiting on my trial on my first DWI 2 months after I worked a 12 hour shift and after work me and a friend went to a bar to drink. Only drank 2 standard drinks. This was from 11 to 130 at night. I then dropped him at home and then started driving home. I realized I was falling asleep so I pulled over into a parking lot and went to sleep in park. Next thing I know it's 330 and I'm being awaken by a firefighter tapping on my car door who was checking if I was ok. A cop then came next and asked if I drank anything. I was honest and said 2. I then said A to Z, C to W, and 52 to 23 backwards correctly. He tried to get me to do the nystagmus test but I said no to field sobriety tests after my experience with the first one. He then said blood but I also declined. He then took me to jail and went to get a warrant. He didn't get me for a blood test till 8 in the morning though. My question is though since there's no video of me driving (the police car wasn't parked near mine so there's no dashcam) and since I'm waiting on a blood test that will be way below the limit will the ALR hearing suspend my license if waiting on a warranted blood test?
Yes, you need to request an ALR hearing because you refused to give a sample of your blood, when asked to do so by the...
Will I get in trouble for not checking "on task" in to see if I do a ua?
So I have this app called "on task" and it tells me if I need to do a UA and I have to check it Monday through Friday to see if I Need to test and I think I checked it late but when I checked the app it said I don't test. I still told my P.O. right away that I checked it late, how much trouble will I get in?
If your probation officer doesn't have a problem, then you don't have a problem. Do whatever the PO tells you to do....
Can they charge this as a felony enhancement using the set aside out of state dui?
Got charged with 2nd dui in Texas, had a out of state DUI also, (3rd) but the conviction was set aside. The out of state set aside law states Set aside the judgment of guilt, dismiss the accusations or information and order that the person be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the conviction…
Can they? Sure they might try. However, if they try then your attorney will have a good argument to counter it, which...
Am I in the clear?
I was in a car accident. Officer did a sobriety test and then let me go.
Maybe. Maybe not. The officer probably would've arrested you at the scene if he believed you were operating under the...
I was arrested for DWI (misdemeanor) over two years ago. The DA never filed a formal complaint. Am I off the hook?
After arrest I bonded out and got an attorney. My attorney received the police report of the arrest but there has been no other correspondence form the court or the DA. I never received a trial date, never entered a plea of not guilty. Looking through court records there is no evidence the DA filed anything against me.
Since you have hired a lawyer, the best person to answer this question is them. They presumably have all of the facts...
Any chance this evidence can be suppressed? (DWI)
I was pulled over for speeding in denton county and the deputy conducted a field sobriety test. After he made me walk the line he asked me to follow his finger but i stopped the test as I remembered it was always better to refuse the FST. He immediately arrested me and took me to a hospital and worked on a warrant for a chemical test that took a ridiculously long time (about 4 1/2 hours in handcuffs). I've never been arrested before and I never knew about the implied consent laws and that he was supposed to give me the option to consent to the chemical test. It's been 6 months since that night and I finally got my arraignment papers and now i'm looking for a good lawyer and i'm wondering if the evidence can be suppressed?
There are several different points along the timeline of a DWI investigation that could pose possible opportunities for...