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first ever offense. clean record. no one was hurt. I have been contacted by child services and am working with a social worker taking a substance/alcohol abuse evaluation and parenting classes. I have also taken it upon myself to take AA meetings and get a sponser and have stayed and continue to stay clean and sober. don't know any lawyers or legal aid and have never been in this type of situation before or know of anyone that has. would really appreciate some good honest advice. the case and court are also an hour plus away from my home where the accident occurred,
You need to hire an experienced DWI attorney immediately. The classes and AA are great, however, you really shouldn't...
Im from st. Louis and recently came for a visit to look at the school. While I was down there I ended up at a pub crawl and next thing I know I guess I made a bad decision. I parked not even a block down the street from a dwi check point and bam. I blew sadly as and and did their sobriety tests. I realize I pretty much screwed myself but if I'm gonna pay for a lawyer I'm hoping they can get it off my record. I'm a young college student with big dreams, I don't want this to affect how many people I can impact in my life and I don't know if I could become a school counselor with this on my record. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I received a DWI Chemical Refusal 8 years ago also.
It depends on how the application question reads. Don't forget a charge is merely an accusation. Further, I do not...
received a letter from a collection agency that a fine from 20 years ago is now owed have never been contacted before do I really have to pay this what are my options this is from quincy illinois
I would talk with a local lawyer from that area. It seems unlikely that the court would still have sufficient...
Ive got it only twice I have a stable job I'm a princpal at a school I only drink not like on holiday and parties also 1time every month
You'll have to excuse my candor. This question doesn't seem to come from a person that would be a principal at a...
He served one year in jail, completed 5 years probation. I wanted to get these records sealed from the public.
no there isn't currently.
also would they let me take my prenatles and my pills for nausia i am 20 years old too.
You need to hire a local attorney soon. The failure to appear for the DWI will not sit well with the judge, who could...