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If I was indicted on a felony DUI can the charges still be reduced and what happens after the indictment?
I was just indicted on a felony DUI wanted to kow what happens next and could my charges still be reduced
"...could my charges still be reduced" Not without an attorney (hint, hint). .
How to transfer my misdemeanor dui from New York to South Carolina
I was arrested for another dui in February and was unaware at the time that my license was suspended. I Recieved a felony charge of aggravated unlicensed operation in the first degree..that charge was reduced down to a misdemeanor and I'm facing probation. my boyfriend just bought a house in South Carolina and i was planning to move in a few month toward the end of the year. What steps do I need to take to transfer my probation because my PO is telling me it's harder to transfer a misdemeanor than a felony. And that its "possible but not likely". Can they really keep me in this state?? My living situation is currently less than ideal and I have the opportunity to start a new chapter of my life.
Contact the Probation Department in S. Carolina where you are planning to move to inquire as to whether they will...
Can my VOP judge re arraign me on a felony DWI and raise the bail I already posted?
I was arrested March 16th for DWI . I was in violation of probation and on Monday he re arraigned me and posted a higher bond. How long from my arrest do they have to bring me to trial?
I suggest that you review CPL 30.30 at: http://codes.findlaw.com/ny/criminal-procedure-law/cpl-sect-30-30.html I...
Question regarding Probation Discharge and Interlock device
I was sentenced to 2 years probation 6 month license revocation and 1 year with an interlock device ( i think it may have been a condition of probation since it was stapled to my probation paperwork) anyways its been over a year i still dont have my license but probation is working on getting me an early discharge. IF i end up getting discharged before my license is restored will i still need the interlock device?
Do I have to take DWI class in New Jersey if I'm taking one in New York
I got pulled over in New Jersey for reckless driving and DWI. When I went to court I plead guilty and was ordered to pay fines and take a New Jersey DWI class, but since I live in New York I was told by DMV that I have to take a class in NY which would be sufficient for NJ being that NY class is more hours. Now that I'm almost complete with the NY class NJ is telling me I need to take its class also even though I got a letter from the instructor of the NY class stating that it is not necessary to take both classes I just don't want to have to worry about any warrants of penalties if I don't take the NJ class. Can you advise me of my rights in this situation please I really would appreciate any advice on this matter Thank you
You should speak with a DWI attorney admitted to practice in New Jersey.
Will I still need an interlock after a year?
I was sentenced to 2 year probation 6 month revocation and an interlock device. Last July however I chose not to drive for a full year and got an affidavit stating I would not drive/get the interlock device. Now that it's been almost a full year if I ask probation to get my license will I still need an interlock??
What did the judge say when you were sentenced? What does your probation officer day about it? What does the lawyer who...
What kind of time in prison is he facing?
He was arrested today for the 2nd time within a week for DWI. That was either his 5th or 6th time being charged with DWI. He is being held on 200k bail for violating probation FELONY (100k) and DWI FELONY (100k). All of his DWIs were also while he had a suspended license. He was also convicted of grand larceny (unemployment fraud) .I was curious to know what kind of time behind bars is he facing for these crimes?
Up to 4 years on the dui. What level grand larceny was it?