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Can my employer fire me for having to attend court mandated DUI courses?
1st DUI. DUI course sessions are during working times. Can my being court mandated be enough for my employer not to fire me?
Florida, (like nearly every other state) is an "at-will" employment state. That means wrongful termination is unusual...
My first interlock experience from hell ?
Being that this is my first DUI experience I have been fortunate to be on the back on track program I have finished most of the requirements but my interlock system failed me after I went out Saturday I wasn't told that you can't go out just not to drink mouthwash I blew a fail. I didnt retest because I had to go to work. 8 hrs later I took the test after I got off. Passed. Next day since I've only had it since the 19th fairly new I made a mistake and gargled failed ten min later retest passed this morning it had warning im scared what will happen to me
Only you are responsible for blowing (literally) your BOT opportunity. Btw - Everyone in BOT has no experience with...
FFirst FUI and I Sherlock system failed what will happen?
I went out the night before my first DUI and blew I to my interlock and it failed the next day failed but waited ten min and it worked today it said warning im on a bavk on Track program what will happen
My experience, which consists of 35 years of law practice and thousands of DUI cases, including hundreds of Back on...
Considering my record do you anticipate any issues obtaining my concealed weapons license?
I'm trying to apply for a concealed weapons license, but I've been arrested with a felony charge. I'm just not too sure if I was officially convicted. I was quite young and not the most level headed at the time, but I most definitely grew out of that phase. I ordered my record from the clerk of courts which I stated below. Taking into account your professional opinion and experience do you anticipate any issues when applying for a concealed weapons license? 3/1/2006-Burglary/unocc:Adj WH C.C/Prob 12/01/2005-Probation violation:Probation modified 3/1/2006-Probation violation:Probation revoked 12/20/2004-Burglary tools/posn:No action 11/6/2004-concealed weap/carry:No action Thanks for your input!
Duplicate question duplicate answer. This is (still) not a DUI question; It is an administrative / regulatory /...
Will a DUI conviction still come up on a background check if the conviction was appealed and later nolle prossed?
I am starting a new job (internship) shortly that will begin with a thorough background check. Will the conviction come up if the end result was nolle prossed? On the application, I answered no to the question have you ever been convicted of any offense other than a minor traffic violation (because of the nolle prosequi). Thanks for any insights!! (Offense was in Virginia, but I am moving to Florida for the job)
You've posted this in the Florida area, so it is difficult for us to give you accurate information about a VA arrest....
On May 8th 2017 I was charged with possesion of a controlled substance (Heroin) in Miami, FL.
I admit I have a drug problem but I am adressing it. I am currently in an inpatient drug program. My case was sent to drug court and I was ordered to This program. May 30th was the 21st day but the prosecutor set me back to the 30th day and has not pressed charges yet. On the day I was arrested I had gone to do my drug in a spot where other addicts use. There is litterally hundreds of empty bags on the ground and sometimes you may find a syringe or two. I did my drugs at 5pm (I used all my dope) but passed out and was woken up by a female officer saying "you picked the wrong spot to get high" I got up and walked over to her car. Backup arrived and she walked back i to where I was asleep. She picked up 2 baggies and a syringe and charged me with poss of controlled substance and paraphernalia. No drugs were in my possesion nor anything taken from my person. She did not state on the a form that she saw me reach, throw or using any drugs. I am wondering if she can legally do that and I am seeking any advice to help my case.
Like a lot of drug addicted persons you just confessed to doing drugs at 5 pm the night you were arrested and you did...
I'm on probation for suspending license , I get pull over for run a light?
Hello my name is Juan, I am on probation for driving with suspended license and I went out to buy things for my girlfriend's son and I stopped the police, I have not yet seen my PO official. Do you think you can go again to the jail for it? Just do 20 days on county jail on PORT ST LUCIE
I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty what I am going to have for dinner, much less what will happen in your...