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Will a DUI attorney be of any help to me? My BAC tested at .10.
First offence, have driven without any incidents for over 30 years don't know if I was read my Miranda rights.
I get this question all the time and I always respond the same way - "you can't win if you don't fight!" Without more...
For what reasons is a collateral attack on a DUI granted?
As far as a collateral attack on a DUI in Wisconsin goes, is the absolute only way to have one granted by not having an attorney and not intelligently waiving that right? Is there any other argument to have that granted? My brother was suffering from mental health conditions and tried committing suicide. He plead guilty the day he was released. Now, he has a 4th offense in court. I am just curious if his mental state at that time, or anything else would determine the attack being granted. He had a public defender.
The grounds for a collateral attack depend on the facts of the case, the location of the court, the charges upon which...
What was the penalty for dwi in Wisconsin in 1911
need answer for school project
Then I suggest you do your homework. Here's a place to start. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb/research/
What is the post judgement interest rate for a DUI?
I was convicted of DUI in 2007 and had a judgement of $1366.50 as a fine. I was charged interest at $4.80 (4.25%apr)a month for 12 months, but have subsequently been charged $13.67 (12%apr) a month for about 5.5 years. I obviously forgot about the fine but I need to pay it off. Am I being charged the correct interest? If not, how can I rectify this? It seems as if I am being charged more than the state statute calls for on civil judgements.
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, but in California it is ten percent. I would think it ought to be the same in...
DUI and Background Check for Respite Care Worker
I was convicted of a DUI last year. A friend is looking to have me be a respite care worker for her foster kid. Will I be allowed to offer this service to her or will my DUI prevent this? Thanks for your help!
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, so please take my answer with that in mind. I do not think the State of Wisconsin...
How to prove the officer is lying
I was pulled over and took the breathalyzer, blew a .03 passed the field tests, but in the report the officer stated I blew a .141. I can't afford a lawyer so went to the public defenders office he said unfortunately there is nothing we can do. he also said it's unfortunate that was the officer that pulled me over because he's a known liar and I have to prove my innocence. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
You're still innocent until proven guilty. I'd agree that it's unfortunate that the officer is a liar, but that's why...
Should I hire an attorney for an underage alcohol possession ticket?
I am a freshman, living in a dorm. Recently, I was issued a ticket for possession of alcohol. I had been gone from my dorm room for a half hour, but friends had been there, left empty beer cans visible from the door, and left the door open. A police offer walked past the empty room, saw the cans, located me elsewhere on the floor, and issued me a ticket for possession of alcohol. There were also a few beer cans in the refrigerator, which I said I was unaware of. The police asked for a breathalyzer test, but I declined (the officer said that I smelled like alcohol, but I wasn't visibly intoxicated). I have people to verify that I was gone. If I plead not guilty without a lawyer, what are the chances the case is dismissed, and would doing so hurt my chances if it isn't?
You should get an attorney. I can almost guarantee that they will not dismiss the charges if you plead not guilty. They...