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Can I fight a dui I was in house n officer came in n took me for blood test because an eyewitness reported me driving under infl
I was in house he took me to hospital for blood test n charged me with dui! A witness reported me! But I had a few shots right before they came in to arrest me!
It sounds like he had probable cause. I would consult with an attorney to see if you can prepare yourself properly for...
CCan i transfer my second dwi to anotherstate for court?
I recieved my second dwi. I am moving for work from sd to Co. I have no other charges besides 1st dwi. Im wanting to transfer crt is this possible.
You (allegedly) violated South Dakota law in their jurisdiction, so you must be prosecuted here. You can still move,...
When a blood test for BAC is taken for a DUI charge, do they test for other substances?
My job will be ok with alcohol, but if other items are listed in the report in case of a guilty charge or no contest that would be bad. If convicted of the DUI how much detail is provided on it or does it just state convicted of a DUI?
You're asking two questions here. First, if law enforcement suspected you if only being under the influence of alcohol,...
Can my minor child be charged with ingestion of marijuana without a drug test?
My child was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over. The officer asked everyone in the vehicle if they had been drinking or smoking. My daughter did not answer. The officer drove my daughter home and took the rest of the minors to the station for their parents to be picked up. 6 weeks later I was served with papers for her to appear in court for charges of ingestion and curfew violation. She was never issued a ticket. My question is, how can she be charged when she did not admit to ingesting and was not given a drug test?
A drug test is not necessary to charge someone with ingesting (although it is helpful to the prosecution's case). The...
Can I become a CNA in Sd With a DUI felony
I am in Sioux Falls. SD and belong to felony DUI court. I have a DUI felony but am involved in a very intense program. I really want to be a CNA
This really isn't a DUI or a criminal defense question, so I'm going to reclassify it for you. From a past incident...
I took a breathalyzer and blew a .086 it took 2 1/2 hours to draw blood. And I quit drinking 30 min to 45 min before drive
Will blood test be lower since I felt like I never drank before they drew blood
You need to contact an attorney specializing in DUI. Don't spend your time trying to figure out what will happen....
Will my blood test show that I was not under the influence?
I was pulled over for a dui. I blew a .081 at the scene. About an hour later I had my blood drawn at the hospital. Then about 15 later at the station I was give another breath test and blew a .064. Will my blood test show that I was under the legal limit of .08 after an hour of the breath test if it was .064 15 minutes after the blood test?
Possibly, but remember that the law prohibits driving while having 0.08% or more by weight of alcohol in your blood,...