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Can I get my CDL back, with a clean record?
I have CDL issued in Wa. state. Got DUI in a rental car 08/12/15 in Florence,SC. First offense. No criminal backgroung or arrest ever.
You would be well advised to hire a criminal lawyer with knowledge of DUI. There are many steps that can be missed in...
DUI dismissed. Do I still have to do ADSAP for failure to submit to breathalyzer?
I was arrested in May of 2012. My case was dismissed by the Magistrate court because the officer was wrong in all aspects of the case and didn't want to press charges. I received a letter stating that I was able to have the DUI case expunged as well as any related charges, at no cost to me. Does that mean that I can have the refusal to blow dismissed or expunged also and avoid ADSAP?
You have 30 days to contest that refusal suspension. That suspension is separate from the criminal case in the...
How can you request video footage after you have been convicted of dui
I ended up getting caught in a road block after a 12 hour shift, I went to go pick up my son and after I got him I had to pick up my wife. The cop that told me to get out of the car because my eyes were red that's what he said at least gave me the test after i told him about my foot condition. I believe the footage would prove to my wife at least that i was not intoxicated because i recently found out that being tired and driving is the same as being drunk and driving. If its not to late I would love to reopen this case because my license is my way of living Thank you hope to hear from someone soon
I don't think scientific studies bear out the fact that drunk driving and tired driving are exactly the same. So,...
Does administrative hearing and magistrate court have any relation with each other?
I am dealing with a DUI case. First I went to Administrative hearing where the judge dismissed the case and reinstated my license. I ask my lawyer was we finish with the dui part of my charges and he inform me we was. So I was shock when a week later I had to go to Magistrate court and dealt with the DUI again. There the DUI was change to a DUCA and I order to sign up for classes and pay the magistrate court some fees. My question is, if this is right because I feel like I went to court for the same thing twice and ended up with two outcomes. I am unable to get in touch with my lawyer for him to clear this up for me.
If you have an attorney, that attorney is the right person to answer any questions that you have about the process and...
What repercussions will I face in South Carolina after a DWI conviction in North Carolina?
Arrested for DWI in NC, refused the breath test and blood test came back as .16. Living in SC currently as well as at the time of the arrest. No grossly aggravating factors, 1 aggravating (.16), speeding was the reason for traffic stop but no reckless driving, clean driving record and have enrolled in SC ADSAP. Under the assumption this will be reported back to SC after conviction, what punishment will SC impose?
Generally there is a license suspension from state to state but I don't believe NC reports so you'll likely avoid that...
In South Carolina was arrested for dui, it was around 230am during the breath test at the wanted to call a lawyer
I was arrested for dui, when I was at the jail I waiting to for my 20 min to be up to blow or not, wanted to call my lawyer for advice, but the cop said noo cause there no phone in there and he couldn't leave to get one. Aren't I entitled to one
You do not need an attorney present to take a breathalyzer, but if one refuses your license is suspended for 6 months....
I need to resolve a DUI dating back to 1999.
There is an arrest in by Beaufort County Sheriff's office dating back to 6/1999 for DUI and Leaving the scene. I do not recall this ticket and it seems to not have been resolved. I have a case number of this as well. I do not live in the area so need this handled from a distance.
You should hire a South Carolina lawyer to take care of this. Be prepared to pay the freight - the price tag may be...