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Would it help if I talk to the prosecutor on my husband's behalf? If he loses his job, we will lose everything.
My husband is charged with DUI. I was the extremely drunk one and we were having an argument outside. the people surrounding us called the cops about noise. The cops never saw him driving but he admitted to driving and blew over the limit. Our attorney is recommending a plea deal where he pleads guilty to DUI but receives the bare minimum in punishment. The attorney has said that the arresting officer's account is very sympathetic towards him and that she even mentions he did not appear drunk and passed the field sobriety tests but based on his answers, she gave him the breath-test. I know he broke the law in trying to take care of me. Do you think the prosecutor might agree to a lesser charge with the same punishments if I talk to her and explain what it will do to our kids and my husband
Your husband is represented. It would be unethical to give him legal advice. Talk to your attorney
Does serving time in State and Federal custody stop the statute of limitations for a DUI in Mississippi
I was arrested in November of 2010 on a dui, and because of the arrest it volition my federal parole and I was also charged and convicted of burglary I just got out and trying to get my license back but since I was in custody the hold time shouldn't the charge be dismiss under Section 99-1-5
Since you were charged with DUI it is not going to be dismissed. You can challenge it, however, it would be hard to...
Can I be charged with DUI 2nd offense if the 1st offense was received while I was a minor and it was non-adjudicated?
Say a person received a DUI when they were 19 years old in Mississippi. The person blew a 0.06 and had the charge non-adjudicated. After said person turned 21, the DUI charge should have been dismissed and removed from his or her record. After this person turned 21 and assuming all charges from the DUI - first offense were dismissed, they received another DUI (currently charged as first offense). Can the court have this charge changed to a DUI - 2nd offense if they are informed of the person's prior non-adjudicated DUI - first offense?
Have I seen it Yes do I agree it is proper NO. Please get an attorney regardless for the offense. DUI is a serious...
How long does it take, on average, for a hardship license to be approved following a first DUI (assuming I have a legit hardship
I know there is a 30 day minimum period, but how soon after it ends can I get the hardship license? Does it take the court forever to approve the application?
I would contact an attorney to help you with your case. This is a very serious issue regarding your driving abilities....
Charged with DUI-other b/c of my prescription meds. Do I have a chance of being found "not guilty"
I was arrested and charged for DUI-other at a check point. Despite having my prescription on me, the arresting officer accused me of abusing my medications (even though the package contained a nearly full amount of medicine and less than two days worth of the medicine had been taken since filling the script two days before.). I refused to take a sobriety test and was arrested upon invoking my 4th amendment rights when they asked to search my vehicle. Also I was denied legal counsel when I asked for a lawyer upon initial questioning and again when I was requested to take a blood test, which I also refused. I was never informed whether a refusal would violate implied consent or not. That being said, do I have a chance of beating this DUI-other?
The answer is maybe. You need to consult an experienced DUI attorney in your area immediately. They will conduct an...
Can 2 DUI affect the punishment of a different crime?
My boyfriend is 26 was arrest on felony charges of fleeing and malicious mischief. He has a past record of his first dui when he was 16 with suspend license for 6 months and the second dui when he was 21 with one year of house arrest. I'm not sure how much time he will have to serve and he probably has already lost his job with the oil rig. He is currently in jail now and was set for bond but the probation officer has a hold on him.
Your question: "Can 2 DUI affect the punishment of a different crime?" It seems that you're asking whether the...
Could it be my 3rd dui in court?
I got a dui in June of 2008 I was 17. In April of 2013 I got a second. Hired a attorney he got it dropped to a first. Then in early December this year coming home from a friends early in the morning I refused a breathe test. I got charged with a second. Could it be a third? I have a full time job and a full time student and going through a out patient recovery program to become alcohol free. This is my criminal history. Am I looking at jail time ?
Even though you were charged with a second offense the other two prior convictions can be used for enhancement purposes...