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I was at bar, intoxicated, when an officer asked me to come outside to question me as a witness on an incident that had occurred inside. He then arrests me AI. My charge is AI 1st and 2nd offense. I have never gotten into any trouble before this.
It sounds like the officer is trying to charge you twice for the same behavior, or maybe he thinks you committed the...
the charges, lost there license and has to attend classes. Does this mean they still owe fines? If they still owe at this time what happens? Will they go back to jail?
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Insurance when applying. This is my first DUI but we aggravated circumstances. Also, after 30 days and I am granted the hardship or is that when I can apply. How long does it take to actually be able to start driving to work. Also, will the hardship allow me to drive with my kids in the car to there sporting games and/or school functions?
You need to check with your criminal defense attorney on your DUI case. I don't know how they do this in your county....
I received a DUI in Indiana and was on unsupervised probation for this. I received another DUI in KY while on probation.. at the arraignment this was amended down to a DUI first for KY as they could not find the records ( as the first one was in Indiana...I think I admitted to it to the police officer..I am not sure he read me my rights to remain silent ..I do not remember that)
2nd Offense (Within a 5 Year Period)--Jail and Fine are MANDATORY $350 to 500 fine + $200 Service Fee + Court costs...
I received a Dui in Indiana in July and am on one year unsupervised probation. I live in Ky and just got another DUI in Ky. Will this be seem as a 2nd DUI? How will this affect my situation in Indiana?
It is my understanding that most states - including my home state of Mississippi - will give "full faith and credit" to...
Florence ky in July 2007 was given 90 day suspension and ordered to do dui classes I never did the classes do I still have to do them to get my license back?
I think you answered your own question. You were court ordered to do dui classes, and you did not do them. No loopholes...
I was charged with an adult DUI technically (I had the aggravated circumstances dropped). But I served no jail time, no charges or convictions, but lost my license for 120 days and had to pay a fine (Boone County district). I have absolutely no other criminal record or convictions, and now at a university pursuing a degree. I was wondering how long must I wait to get it expunged off my record so I can apply for insurance without the high DUI rates.
Bring the actual Criminal Court Disposition from that criminal Court to a practicing attorney licensed in KY to review...