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Can I get jail time for blowing .05 in my interlock and I wasn't drinking?
I used mouthwash and sprayed body mist n hairspray on my hair before I blew.
Why would you use mouthwash right before you blew in to an IID? Hairspray isn't going to do anything to an IID. You...
Can I be charged with DWI if I wasn't driving and the keys weren't in the ignition?
Long story short. I was sitting behind the wheel but my girlfriend had taken the keys to insure that I wouldn't start driving. I had drank more than my limit and we both knew it wasn't safe or advisable for me to continue driving so we had parked at a Safeway parking lot. We had been parked for an hour when a patrolman approached us and asked us about a stranger that had walked up to us earlier. An argument ensued and he said I would need to take a DWI test. I refused because when he walked up, I wasn't driving and the keys weren't in the ignition. I spent the night in jail. Now I am waiting to go to court for aggravated DWI. Have an appointment to talk to an attorney soon.
Yes! You can be charged for either past or future driving (the intent to drive while intoxicated). The officer needs a...
I have a dui in utah, do iI have to comply with new mexico laws?
I have a new mexico license, and was convicted of a dui in Utah. I'm compliant with all my penalties and fines, but new mexico is requiring another suspension and an interlock. Is this right? And I currently living in Texas.
In order to keep your license you have to comply with the laws of the state that issued you the license. If one state...
What is the usual punishment for someone who gets a lockout violation while on probation, due to 1 high BAC & 4 missed tests?
Have been on probation for 9 mo, have 2 mo left, complied w/ all other requirements set forth by court. Lockout Violation was due to 1 high alcohol violation & 4 missed tests. All violations were in one day. Blew 1 previous violation back in jan or feb.
Depends on judge but 30 days would be typical.
My brother took off drunk in my car this morning and totalled it and is in jail right now im stuck without a car what can i do?
he took off while everyone was sleeping its in impound and i dont know what to do
file a cliam with your carrier and rent a temporary replacement vehicle. If you don't/didn't have insurance, you are...
How do I clear all this up and get my license for the 1st time in my life!
I used to live in Wisconsin in 2005, got a dui. I am now a resident of New mexico as of 2009. The conviction says I have to take alcohol assesment and complete a class. Wisconsin wants a referal from New Mexico saying I need alcohol treatment, and proof of class completion. I can't get referral because since, I don't have my license and haven't been pulled over for anything in New Mexico and docs say I have no drug or alcohol problems therfore, they cannot give me any referrals it would be immoral. Please help me get my license. I have never had it.
If you can't get the referral, repeat the class.
Do I have anything to argue or can I represent myself and get the case dismissed?
Justia  Ask a Lawyer  Ask a Lawyer Ask a Lawyer 1Review your question Q: Do I have anything to argue in this case and could I represent myself and get the case dismissed I live in the state of new Mexico I recently plead quilty of dwi November of last year, I was in jail for 15 days with another charge of ftp, with 20 days of revocation prevention, I get pulled over in January for speeding and get two tickets, driving on revoked and the speeding ticket. I sat in jail for 4 days before my court appearance. The judge let me out on a 1000 dollar bond I have pre trail coming up this Monday and the public defenders office says they can't represent me in this case with out a 250 dollar payment, even with the police officer saying he would defer the charges and both tickets and the police report having the wrong vehicle color, I was only told by the Prosecuting judge that I was to get my interlock or my license will be revoked, no documentation was sent to my residence.
We can't tell you if you have a case or not to argue without looking at the evidence. You either can pay the PD 250...