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Why is this happening??
Dhr cam to my sons and was going to get my granddaughter she was staying with me that night..So Dhr called my house and asked if they could come out and check my home..I agreed.. I had a case with them 4 years ago and my children lived with my brother for 6 months but got to stay with us there were no stipulations it was up too my brother when I got to keep them..Anyway Ithey came out and let me keep the baby and told me to be at Dhr the next day.. so I get there and they wanted me to take a drug test I told the lady no that I did not want to be in the system anymore so I left got my brother so he could get the baby while I was there they told me they were reopening my case because I refused a test I told them no I didn't because I was not there to test I was there for my granddaughter..so I left that was on Friday and Monday was a holiday so Tuesday talked to a lawyer he said test for them it was negative.. and they put us on color code..Why?? I have no drug abuse problem in home and why would they let my granddaughter stay the one night and then the next day say it's not safe my kids have not been token so why I am I having to test
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. If you have an attorney helping you, should should definitely talk to that...
Had a DUI in North Carolina in 2001, nothing sense ?
DUI in North Carolina in 2001. Can I get my liences in Alabama ?
Yes. As long as your NC license is in good standing and not suspended or revoked.
What happens if your case is bound over to the grand jury for drugs first time offense. Do you do jail time
I was picked up for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, dui, driving on wrong side of road and driving while license was revoked. This was my first time being picked up for drugs. What do I expect to have happen, my attorney cannot come that day.
These questions are for the attorney you retained. Your attorney or his/her associate should be there with you.
If you live in Alabama and on probation supervised and fail for weed and meth how long will you get
I just need to know if you was to fail a drug test for weed and meth how long would you get
Depends. There's no set time for a specific violation. You face up to the amount of time you could've gotten on the...
I am on a derversion program. In Huntsville , all. Level 1 how long will be on color code.
I am on a deversion program. For a DUI its my first one. I Huntsville,all. Level 1 how long will I be on color code
Did you have an attorney helping you with this DUI case? If so, you should ask your attorney, who would be in the best...
Can you avoid having a IID if court ordered ?
Convicted of DUI and ordered to install IID. Do not own a vehicle and can't afford to have the device placed in parents vehicle. After the two year term can I get my drivers license back or would I still have to install the device for years?
You should follow the terms of the Court's order to avoid problems. If you do not own a vehicle and are not listed as...
How long does a DUI stay on your record in North Carolina ?
Recived mine back in late November 2001! Live in Alabama now.
If you were convicted of an offense and haven't had the offense expunged (which isn't always available), then it's more...