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How long does it take to get a public defender I filed my paper work a month ago I still don't have council
I was charged with a dwi because I refused the urine test I took a breathalyzer it was o the law was not explained to me and I don't know what all I'm charge with i had Rx medicine in a pill box with a label but they said that was a marijuana charge I didn't have any
90% of the time a misdemeanor possession charge means marijuana, so they probably charged the pills as a misdemeanor...
I am revoked in ill. till 2015 but ma wife is legally blind can i get a hardship license in ar.
there is no other way for her to get to the doctor then to have me take her.And i need to go back and forth to work.
Il can only issue an RDP to someone who is a resident of IL
How do you evict a family member who is a drunk pays no rent and is verbally abusive to his 74 year old mother ? In Arkansas
Brother in law will not leave his mothers house after being asked. He pays no rent is a bad alcoholic and is verbally abusive to his 74 year old mother
Call the authorities. How long has he resided there? Does he have another place to stay? A job?
Is a dui a felony or criminal charge?
While at work I get a call from my husband stating he is sitting in the back of the cop car for apparently drinking and driving while driving into a ditch. He just went to court and received a 6 month pass... how will this affect that? What can he be facing?
A first, second, or third DWI in Arkansas is punishable by fine and up to 1 year in jail (even on a first offense). On...
What are my rights when my husband comes home drunk?
We have three children at home and he drinks on his way home from work. I lock him out and convince him to leave but I would like to know what my legal rights are. I don't want him in the house with our children. He's usually so drunk he doesn't make sense or know what's going on.
This is an interesting question. If you lock him out and force him to leave, he may eventually end up with a DUI. Is...
Resident of Tennessee, DWI in Arkansas. First DWI
I am a resident of Tennessee. I was pulled over and issued a DWI in Arkansas, first DWI. They took my license and issued me a temporary one ( a piece of paper good for 30 days). My questions are: - Will TN be notified of the DWI? - How do I get my license back and is it also suspended in TN? - I am on probation in TN, I have 45 days left. Probation ends before first Arkansas court date. What can I expect? Violation of probation? Should I inform them since it was in another state or wait it? Also, I have 7 days to request an administrative hearing for license suspension. Not sure whether to mark the box to fully contest it or mark the one for restricted. Again, confused. I'm licensed in TN and this was in Arkansas. I have reached out to a few AR attorneys but have not heard back. Thanks for looking.
1. TN will most likely be notified of the DWI, because interstate compacts mandate notification so that your home state...
Can I have a refusal to submit charge dismissed if the test wasn't requested until 10-12 hours after the accident?
I live in Arkansas where ACA 5-65-206 (a) states "In any criminal prosecution of a person charged with the offense of driving while intoxicated, the amount of alcohol in the defendant's breath or blood at the time or within four (4) hours of the alleged offense,". I was involved in a single vehicle accident where I was injured and immediately taken to the hospital via ambulance. After around 10 to 12 hours of treatment I was released to the custody of the state police who took me to a local jail to conduct a breath test which I refused. I have reviewed the entire written procedure of alcohol testing approved by the state of Arkansas and can find no procedure for discovering the BAC of a defendant 12 hours prior to the test. Could I have the charge dismissed seeing as how the tests were not requested anywhere near the 4 hour limit.
Unfortunately no. That time span might could have been used to fight the results of the test had you taken it (though...