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Can you get arrested for being intoxicated while being in the passenger seat of the car if you are underage. Can she be arrested
Some of my friends were driving and were pulled over for having the fog lights on. They had been lightly drinking except the driver. The officer said that it smelled like alcohol but it was over an hour after they were drinking. The owner of the car was in the passenger seat but he breathalyzed all four of them and arrested just the owner, can they arrest the person even though they weren't driving?
Yes she can be arrested. It's illegal for a minor to have ANY amount of alcohol in their system.
How would I get an ignition interlock device when I don't own a vehicle? No one I know will allow me to do so.
It's been two years since I received a citation for DUI-First Offense and while I was trying to reinstate my license I have to show proof of the device installed but I've never owned a car nor can I get or purchase one without a license. Can someone tell me my options please?
You wouldn't be required to get one without a car
Can I get custody of my 11yr old since her stepdad is drinking again, got a dui, ended up in jail and is now in rehab for 6month
The step dad,who was a b/f in the past at the time, has used alcohol/drugs when he was with the mother since my daughter was 2-4years old. He turned out to be controlling and abusive and the mother "finally" left him. He apparently turned his life around in the past 5 years and so the mother married him, after another relationship with another guy ended who was also a drunk and abusive. I just found out that the step dad has been drinking again and got a DUI/wrecked the car and the mother failed to tell me until I asked what is going on. Also, can you own a gun with a DUI? I have parental rights set up so I get her every summer and alternating holidays. I would like for custody and get her out of this drinking situation which she's been raised around her whole life. I'm worried.
Look at the "best interest" of the child. That is, you and the natural mother have a responsibility to protect your...
Wife failed hair follicle test while on 5 year deferred probation what will consequences be?
In cotton county Oklahoma any second time offender of weed charge is a felony. She had a pipe with residue in it so they charged her with felony but wouldn't be convicted after 5 years deferred probation and hair follicle test every 90 days for a year. She tested positive for cocaine. It was the second to last test and she has not been late on any payments.
It depends on what the original charges were and what the consequences for that charge were under the law. I would hire...
Where can i find an attorney licensed in oklahoma and california?
So I need a new attorney to handle my criminal case in California bc my attorney in california isnt doing his job. Please help. I've tried the oklahoma and california bar with no help. I want to get this fixed but dont know how.
Avvo's Find a Lawyer feature is the tool to use.
How do I clear a FTA warrant in another state if I am unable to travel there?
I have a warrant for FTA in Connecticut, but I live in Oklahoma. The FTA is for a DUI arrest in 2004. I was on military orders and was excused from appearing at my original date. Another date was set but I was deployed and unable to appear.
Contact attorney in CT. He will know what to do.
Can i sue the city of lawton and or the hospital for taking my blood after i refused and was not legally arrested ?
i got into a wreck while drinking and driving the person that we got hit by was also drinking and driving but he passed the the test at the scene and did not go to the hospital me and my wife were taken to the hospital and there they forced me to take a blood test literally 8 people held me down and handcuffed me to the bed and forced a needle in my arm and i felt as if i was raped for my blood what are my options ?
Horrible. you should see this article: http://oklahomaduiblog.com/?p=150