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I got an underage dui (blew a .02) and opened container
The officer let me go after giving me my ticket. Can I be eligible for a deferral? If not what are the possible consequences I'm looking at?
The need for deferral/diversion is always a possibility. But, being so young, you do not want to take a chance and...
The county of Lavonia GA took my husbands NC Driving license when he was arrested for DUI. It has been 1 1/2 months
since his arrest His court case is continued. I am trying to find out how he can get his license temporarily or a work permit to drive in NC until he is sentenced. The GA attorney says I have to get this take care of in NC. Will this time be counted towards his suspended license when his case is sentenced?
Speak to a NC DUI lawyer about how to get a restricted license if he is eligible.
The DUI is in Lavonia GA, the recommendation is to get attorney from that county. What is near there since there are none in Lav
What kind of attorney fees on average am I looking at in Georgia
Avvo is set-up so you can ask questions of attorneys in a specific region. You are asking the NC DUI group. I imagine...
A person gets DUI in Georgia, his NC drivers license is taken. He is given a 30 driving permit. Is this good for driving in NC?
Can he use this to drive back and forth to work during the 30 day period, and what happens if he gets stopped for some reason with this permit?
Yes it is good for now. There may be a way to stop it from going to North Carolina altogether and I would talk with a...
My husband lost his NC license in GA for a DUI. My GA attorney tells me he cant ask for a work permit, that we will have to do t
My husband lost his NC license in GA for a DUI. My GA attorney tells me he cant ask for a work permit, that we will have to do that in NC What do we do?
Your husband did not lose his NC license in GA for DUI. GA has no authority whatsoever to suspend a NC license. What...
If the DUI is in Georgia, should I get a Georgia attorney or a NC attorney (our state of residence)?
2nd offense, last was in year 2000.
You need an attorney in Georgia. and preferably one that practices in the county in which you got it. A NC lawyer wont...
What can i do to get my license back?
I got a DUI 4 months before my 21st birthday in the state of Michigan. I started probation but unfortunately i did not finish. I moved out of stated and now it has been 8 years and i need toget this monkey off my back. I cant afford to take time off to go to Michigan to take care of this. And i sure dont want todo jail time. What should i do to get my license a nd get back on the road.
Hiring a licensed attorney in the sate that has a pending incomplete case for your privileges reinstatment would be a...