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What's the Military DUI process?
My neighbor and my self left my house last month going to the shoppette on post. Once we got there the MPs rolled up talked with us and arrested us bout for DUI. My neighbor was driving and the MPs told us once they reviewed the cameras they would charge us. I still haven't heard anything but my CO is saying that I'm being charged with it, his not in the military so I think it's easier to charge me I guess. I haven't recieved a court date or heard anything back from the MPs about the charge also I was never read any UCMJ rights
The process is that you get representation to fight it
Is there any way I can have my case lowered and can I have an attorney represent me from out of state? Is this bad for me?
I was detained in a dui offense in georgia 3 yrs ago when I was in the army. I was discharged from the army becausebof a dui offense off base. I figured since I was punished by the military and lost pay that I had served my dui case. I moved back to my home state right after being discharged. So yrs later I call to make sure I have no pending cases and they say I have a bench warrant for a no show. I can't afford to go back to georgia and figure I will have to pay a fine.
DUIs generally require your presence in court, but I (and other attorneys) have handled these cases for out-of-state...
I recieved a DUI due to non-Consensual BAC after taking a sobriety test by Military police. Is it anyway to fight?
According to GA Law, if its madatory for blood work why did i have a choice?
First of all, were you on a military base? Laws may be different if you were on government/federal property. What do...
I need to know the quickest way to get my $1500 back from an Atty I paid to represent me and he was a no show in court today?
I am stationed in Ga and this is also where this happened. I have made numerous calls to his (Atty's) office trying to find out what is going on with my case ( I was charged with DUI) several months ago. Today I had to appear in court for my Arrangment, the Atty nor anyone from his office showed up to represent me... I find this very unacceptable, as I have lost trust in this Atty and I need my money back from him asap, because I'm due back in court on May 8th and I need time to hire another Atty and he needs time to look over my case. Also, I am concern further because depending on the outcome of the ruling, My Career in the Army is dependent of the Judge's ruling... I'm thanking you so much for your advice in advance!
If you paid an attorney and he no-showed in court without being excused by the court and notifying you that is...
Is there any point in hiring a lawyer for my 1st DUI offense?
I was arrested last night for DUI. The police officer witnessed me bumping the curb while taking a left turn. I was quite intoxicated, I blew .22 BAC at the police station. I cooperated with the police. I was released into the custody of my leadership (I'm in the military.) without paying any bail. The offense occurred in GA, but I have a VA drivers license, which they did not say was revoked. This is my first DUI offense, I'm 28, female, and have an otherwise good driving record. I don't see any possible defense against the charges,and I am in fact guilty. Should I represent myself and plead guilty? I don't see any other options here.
It's because you don't see any options that you should consult with and retain an experienced DUI defense attorney. You...
I am a soldier and was cited for a dui those charges were nolle prosequi can I still be chapt? AR 635-200 1-17 says I can not?
24 may 2014 cited for a dui went to court the dui has 2 realms; the one that stated I blew a .089 was nolle prosequi and the other dui I was found not guilty
This looks to me like a military law question. It's a fairly specialized area so I am going to re-tag the question for...
Will the court look at me as a savage and throw me under the jail?
I have been charged in the past for a DUI in NC, but not convicted. Just recently I received a DUI charge in GA, but there was also an accident. There was a stationary vehicle parked across a back country road at night. There was "proclaimed" minor injuries, but nothing visual. I blew well under .10 but higher than .08
The legal limit in Georgia is .08.