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What is my best course of action in responding to a disorderly conduct summons/fine?
I was present during the smoking of marijuana in a parked vehicle. I had met the owners of the vehicle 20 minutes prior at a bar, I am 21 and of legal age to drink. We were caught by the police during the smoking and the owner of the vehicle was arrested for having 1 ounce of marijuana in the car. I was not asked if I smoked, I was not tested and I was unaware of the ounce of marijuana in the car. I was searched and had nothing on me. I now am recieving a summons for disorderly conduct. (I have not received it yet, but I looked my name up on the docket sheets and can see it is being processed). What should I expect, as in a fine for this? And what is my best course of action when I get the summons?
Plead not guilty and get yourself a lawyer to help you with this.
What will happen to me as a passenger in a parked car that had marijuana in it?
I was a passenger in a car where marijuana was being smoked, cops pulled up to the car (not on, it was parked) and found an Ounce of marijuana in the trunk belonging to driver. The driver took full responsibility, I was completely unaware of the large amount of marijuana. I was searched, had nothing on me. I was not drug tested. Police officer told me to expect 'paperwork' in the mail but would not elaborate. What can I be charged with? I didn't know the person with marijuana as this was a random encounter outside a bar.
You could be charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use. Keep in mind being charged is not...
What might happen with a second DUI while I am currently on probation.
My probation officer didn't violate me because I just had two little twin girls that he knows I am the sole care taker of. My dUI is my own prescription medication though it won't matter because I know my levels were probably outrageous. The kids were not in the vehicle and I was driving on a suspended license. My probation is for 4 years, the maximum jail time for second DUI is 6 months. Can I be put on house arrest?
DUI's involving prescription or illegal drugs are put at the highest sentencing level so you would receive minimum...
How can I get DUI charges dismissed?
My husband, myself, and our 10 year old son were involved in a car accident resulting, thank God, with no injuries other than the concussion I received that resulted in my complete memory loss of events. I was not drivong, my husband was but, considering he's on state parole and has no license, he apparently managed to put me in driver's seat. My son told me and officers on scene that this occurred prior to them arriving, and there are statements giving by two independent witnesses who stated I eas not driving. When I was taken for a BAC, which I don't remember signing for nor do I remember being read my rights due to head injury, the only thing found were my prescribed medications both within therapuetic levels despite officer claiming the Xanax was toxic levels at 102 ng/ml. Upon researching on my own and with my sisters help, we discovered that at least three well respected medical journals consider cut off for toxic levels for this particular medication is somewhere between 200-350 ng/ml especially for someone who has been taking this medication on a chronic basis, I.e. more than a year. I have been taking this medication for 4-5 years 3x a day three times a day, 7 days a wee
Ask for a trial, tell your attorney the names and numbers of the witnesses, and hope the judge/jury sides with you....
What can we do?
My wife had a car accident years ago and has had back surgery. She suffers from failed back surgery syndrome and has been in pain management for a few years. She gets urine tested every few visits and there has never been any problems. This last urine test the lab sent back a report that is 100% not hers. It failed to pick up any of the medicine she takes on a daily basis. But the most egregious error is it stated they found a metabolite of an illegal substance. She has never in her life done illegal drugs nor would she. I can verify 100% that she takes the prescribed medicine as she is prescribed because I either give it to her or am there when she takes it. I have been in law enforcement for 20 years, we have 2 kids and if there was ever a thought that this urine test was accurate I would not be asking this question. We are willing to do anything to fix this. This has caused her doctor to change the way she is being treated and has had a major effect on not only her life but mine. We will take lie detectors, blood tests or any tests needed. I contacted the lab and they said they won't investigate unless the doctor calls them. What can we do? Is this malpractice?
Your question can not be answered because you did not say for what reason the urine test was taken and with whom you...
"Can I get a driver's license in any other state, even though I never had a driver's license. But have a DUI on my record n su
I was operating an automobile without, a driver's license in P.a. Is it possible to get a driver's license in any other states? If I decided to leave P.a. would I qualify for an occupational driver's license, even though I've never had a driver's license and it's suspended for DUI in P.a
You may be eligible for an Occupational Limited License but additional information is needed. You will need a copy of...
What kind of lawyer can help me get my license back. I'm in PA and Massachusetts has a hold on my license.
I just moved to PA. I have prior dui's in Utah. But Massachusetts has a hold on my license and wants records of a DUI in CT. I called CT. They have no record of a DUI. Massachusetts still won't lift the hold.
You need a traffic lawyer in Massachusetts to resolve the license hold there. Best of luck.