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  • Police respond to Flat Rock auto plant on report of ...

    Sunday | via MIPrepZone 

    Officers from multiple police departments rushed to the Flat Rock Assembly plant early Tuesday morning on the report of an employee threatening to shoot people. Flat Rock Police Chief John Leacher said a call came in at 12:30 a.m. Jan. 9 that provided "sketchy" information about someone at the Ford Motor Company plant who was making threats to shoot people.


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Flat Rock Law

I have copd i cant breath hard enogh for the interlock what can i do in mi
i am aproved for a restriced license but cant blow haed enough for the interlock
I am not a MI lawyer so I cannot comment on matters of MI law or procedure. However, had you asked this question in...
Bench Warrant issued for failure to appear; Sobriety court, 33rd District court.
Hello. I was arrested for 2nd DUI in sep. 2011, turned myself in feb. 2013. I was living out of state for a period of time in Indiana. Needless to say, i was placed on sobriety court. Ive been working on staying sober for 9 months now (5 on paper, as far as sob. court is concerned) Anyway, i had my first violation, FIRST. the judge i go infront has it out for people with DUI's, he was going to imediatly throw me away for 93 days, in clare county jail. Anyway, i decided for myself, that this program truly isnt out for my best interest, its my first relapse in 9 months, that was my first violation. Im about to recieve a failure to appear most likely, and get a "Contempt" charge. My question is, when i turn myself in, can i do 90 days for the original DUI, AND Contempt, or is it ran concurren
I would not suggest dealing with this yourself. Hiring a locally experienced DUI attorney will give you the best chance...
Can a felony received over 25 years ago for involuntary manslaughter due to a DUI be removed
License was revoke due to outstanding court cost but everything has been paid because i found a job but then i was caught driving without a license paid that bill but they are refusing to give me a license i was driving without one. I would like the opportunity to obtain a better job,vote, travel with a passport, I am grateful not to be imprisoned but yet i feel caged.
How old were you when you were convicted? If a minor, maybe something could be done. If an adult, I doubt there is...
How how many times can the Court's delay my show cause hearing by them not being able to provide me a court appointed lawyer?
I have been charged with a DUI 3rd offense on October 26th 2017 I have showed up for court every time I'm supposed to but they can never provide me with a court appointed lawyer
You need to contact the criminal clerk of the district court by phone before your next court date and politely explain...
How can I find out what my son's charges are if he got arrested at the border patrol for Canada and get my car out of impound if
My son took my car December 29th and told me that he was going to the store he went to the casino and as he was leaving he took 75 and went down the wrong service way but somehow he ended up at Canada's border he was intoxicated at the time and got into it with border patrol but by him having no driver's license and no ID on him at the time border patrol sent him to Canada and took my car and impounded it and put a hold on it I went to find out what my son charges was as of now he has none and they won't release my car. I talk to an officer there that is handling the case and I was told that he had a $500 Bond but it wasn't for a DUI it was for a disorderly conduct. My son is still being held in Canada and has been transferred to their County Jail but my son has no passport he's never been to Canada.
Hello, Canada is a "common law" country the same as we are; their rules are similar and due process (letting people...
How can a prosecutor from another county pick up a case from another county that was dropped?
Arrested in Van Buren Township for a DUI, charges dropped, but the prosecutor from neighboring county (Wayne) supposedly picked up the case to try? How is that possible when EVERYTHING was thrown out?
You should really be asking this to your own criminal defense attorney as s/he will be familiar with the facts. I...
How can i hold my p.o officer accountable for her threats to send me to prison when i haven't violated my safe p program ?
i went to safe p jester-1 in Richmond TX for 9 months i was awarded outstanding client for the 9 months i was there and didn't receive any wright up's. i went into the 3 month halfway house with no wright ups and held the other men staying there for smoking meth in the rest rooms of the facility. i was told i could transfer to Dallas county for my aftercare on my first ttm call and everything was going well, i registered in collage to take classes for lcdc. i had a sponsor a peer recovery coach and was planing on living with my girlfriend in Dallas. on 11-13-17 i had another ttm and she told me that i had to go back to my county,after all i had done in Dallas. she stated that i had to find a place to live in Gregg county. i put in my relapse prevention plan that longview was a place that was very bad for my recovery. she didn't care and gave me a deadline on my ttm on 11-30-17 that i had to have a apt. in longview by 12-8-17 or i would be put back into prison. i am a good man i have only one felony from this incident, driving on a suspended license is the only other offense. im so scared to go back where i saw people do things i thought were in humane.
I understand you're frustrated, but to be honest, I've never met a probation officer with kind attitude. This type of...